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Have The Office Cleaned During The Holiday Break

Many businesses will close early on December 23 and give workers the day off on December 26 to celebrate the Christmas holiday. With all the dirt and debris that accumulated in the office during holiday celebrations, this break is the perfect time for a thorough office cleaning. Professionals can clean the area from top to bottom without disturbing employees in the process. When workers return on December 27, the area will be spotless and sanitized.

When commercial cleaning services tackle offices, they typically use a detailed checklist. This ensures that the entire workplace is clean, healthy, and safe. Some companies have warehouses, labs, and other specialized areas. Professionals skilled in cleaning these environments carefully address each location, leaving everything in its place but much cleaner than when they found it.

The typical office cleaning routine addresses work areas including cubicles, conference rooms, individual offices, and the mail room. Countertops, tables, chairs, and other surfaces in company kitchens and break rooms are also cleaned. Cleaners even tackle the inside of microwaves, coffee machines, and refrigerators. With all the holiday festivities that take place in most offices, these are no small chores. After cleaning the interior of these appliances, cleaning staff sanitize their outside handles to reduce the spread of germs.

Office lobbies typically experience heavy traffic, so cleaners spend a lot of time working there. They vacuum carpets, dust surfaces, and clean glass doors. If the lobby carpet is particularly soiled, a deep cleaning can be arranged. Having this performed during the holiday break gives the carpet enough time to dry before it is walked upon by employees. Deep cleaning will make this area create a positive first impression with clients and guests.

Restrooms are typically the most complex areas to clean within an office. Cleaning staff must have special skills to correctly sanitize a restroom. Toilet bowls, seats, and handles are cleaned and sanitized and sinks, countertops, and other surfaces are also cleaned. By sanitizing toilet paper holders and door handles, cleaning staff help to prevent the spread of germs and infections.

While employees are enjoying the holiday with family and friends, commercial cleaning services will be hard at work cleaning the office. By the time these professionals are finished, the space will look brand new. Workers will be pleasantly surprised when they return to a clean and sanitized environment. The area will appear as refreshed as they feel after their holiday break.

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