How to Ace Your Interview: Applying for a Cleaner or Maid Position

Over the past 9 years I’ve held hundreds of interviews to find the people I feel are the best for our commercial cleaning services or our maid services . Being a maid or cleaning professional is not an easy task a certain type of personality is needed to do this job. Especially in NYC where we must provide an impeccable cleaning every time. Over the years I’ve managed to prune my technique so that I know who will be the right candidate in a few minutes of interview.

 First Impressions

As soon as you walk through the door, I have made an opinion about what you may be like before I find out more in the interview. This is the same impression you will give the client if I hire you to work for us. Follow the tips listed below to make sure your ability matches your presence.


The Way You Dress Emulates the Way You Clean

Extra points always go to the interviewees who come professionally dressed. Right away I know they are trying to make a good impression and understand the social norms of etiquette.

If you do not own a suit it’s ok, but come to your interview well put together. Your clothes should fit well, be wrinkle free and clean. Your hair should be neatly in place. Also take note of personal hygiene, an offensive body odor does not sell cleaning services well.

Untidy appearance and stained clothes means this is how you will wear your uniform to work.

Remember in this industry you are trusted to enter people’s homes and offices you must emulate their professionalism.

A Pleasant Demeanor

This job is tiring and demanding. I usually ask the interviewee about their previous cleaning position and ask them to describe their time there, or about a difficult situation they may have encountered. Usually if someone gets very angry and upset I know that this is how he or she may react to a client or co-worker.

If someone explains difficult situations or their work schedule with a great explanation about they handled the stress or communicated with their previous employer than I know this is the attitude they will bring to Busy Bee.

Willingness to Learn

A common answer to “Do you have any cleaning experience?” is “Yeah, I clean my apartment all the time.”

This is an arrogant answer, and just shows me that you are not willing to admit you have no experience and are not trainable. The way you clean your home is not the same as you would clean a commercial space. Interviewees, who show themselves to be humble and honest, turn out to be the best cleaners. They are willing to take direction and learn.


So besides the regular interview tips you would follow for any job, follow these if you are interested in applying for a cleaning or maid position.

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