Restaurant Spring Cleaning Services

Those restaurant tables might be hiding a lot of germs

Spring has arrived and it is time for restaurant owners to remove the winter grime and prepare for the patrons of summer. For seasonal businesses, this means taking care of any deep cleaning chores that were not performed prior to closing last season. Every restaurant can benefit from some restaurant spring cleaning services whether it is performed by staff or a commercial cleaning company.

Not all restaurants have the equipment to deep clean hardwood floors or carpets. They may need to contact a professional cleaning service for this job. These experts use eco-friendly products and the most advanced cleaning equipment to remove dirt and grease so floors and carpets look like new in no time.

Restaurant kitchen cleaning involves giving the stove and ovens some much-needed attention and using rubbing alcohol to shine the appliances. Tough stains can be removed from glass by rubbing a lemon slice on the area. Club soda is perfect for polishing Formica countertops. Water spots on stainless steel work surfaces are easily removed by dampening a cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

Running a piece of bread through a meat or food grinder prior to washing it should remove any residue. A hot broiler pan should be sprinkled with dry laundry detergent and then covered with a  damp paper towel. After allowing the burned food to sit for a while, little scouring should be required when cleaning.

Fill a blender halfway with water, add a drop of detergent, and then cover and run it for a few seconds in order to remove residue. Clean, rinse, and dry the appliance as usual. Any spots on crystal can be removed by rinsing with one part vinegar and three parts warm water, then air drying. If the sink becomes clogged with grease during all this cleaning, pour one cup each of baking soda and salt, followed by boiling water, down the drain.

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