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Spring cleaning and fresh starts

Spring cleaning is quickly approaching

Spring cleaning is quickly approaching!

Spring cleaning and fresh starts…and finally losing the constant cold. March is upon us and so is spring. In a few weeks, we will have to spring forward our clocks and wake up an hour early to get to work on time. And at the end of the month, we will finally welcome Spring and be rid of this long, cold winter. and as spring is upon us so is spring cleaning! No season change gets me more excited than winter to spring. I love the changing of scenery as the snow slowly melts and flowers and grass slowly start to emerge once again. I get to pack away my bulky winter clothes and bring out my fun spring attire of dresses and florals and even my favorite: cleaning clothes!! Spring cleaning means putting on my workout shorts, and a giveaway shirt and so much excitement.

To effectively clean for spring cleaning, you need to make a plan to effectively schedule

cleaning schedule for Spring Cleaning

cleaning schedule for Spring Cleaning

your cleaning so you don’t stress yourself out with projects to big to handle. First, I break down my space by rooms. The bedroom, family room, bathroom, kitchen, entryway, closets, and any other room you may have. Then I plan out for the month: monthly, weekly and daily tasks. I like to print out a monthly calendar and fill in tasks to be completed. But for spring cleaning I have a different plan of attack.

For Spring Cleaning I like to set out a week where I clean My whole house from top to bottom. I combine all of my monthly tasks like cleaning windows, washing mirrors, cleaning trash area, cleaning the stove, cleaning the fridge, dusting the blinds and vacuuming curtains, and refreshing filters with my weekly tasks. Weekly tasks include cleaning each room from top to bottom and specific tasks each day:

Sunday: Laundry and bathroom cleaning

Monday: kitchen cleaning and dusting

Tuesday: grocery shopping and errands

Wednesday: sweeping, mopping and vacuuming

Thursday: Clean and organize the living room and bedrooms

Jumping for joy to clean!

Jumping for joy to clean!

Friday and Saturday are the weekends and I refuse to clean on these days no matter what! Though spring cleaning may seem like a lot, it’s not that much you break it all down. But remember if cleaning does stress you out, you can always call in a professional!



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