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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet is an attractive and economical way to cover a floor. It sees a lot of foot traffic throughout the years, which causes it to become dirty. Pets and people add to the dirt by making stains. Carefully maintaining a carpet makes it look more attractive and prolongs its life. If a carpet is not properly cared for, a professional cleaning service may need to be called to revive it.

When treating a carpet stain, never rub harshly. This can smear the stain or cause it to set in, becoming permanent. Harsh rubbing also weakens fibers, contributing to faster wear. To prevent a stain from reappearing, cover a fresh stain with an absorbent white towel or cloth and place a heavy object on top, allowing the stain to be absorbed by the cloth overnight. The stain can then be treated as recommended by the carpet manufacturer.

A hair dryer or iron should not be used to dry carpet stains because this will permanently seal the stain. Carpet should be deep or steam cleaned every six months to one year. Most spills can be addressed immediately by treating the area with water. If this does not remove the spill, try mixing vinegar with water. Many products are designed to treat difficult stains that remain.

When mildew or mold enter a colored carpet, get them out with a solution of salt and lemon juice or use non-chlorine bleach. If a carpet is color-safe, a solution of five parts water and one part three-percent hydrogen peroxide can be used. Test a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet to ensure color-fastness.

Frequent vacuuming should be part of the regular routine. Vacuum the carpet in several directions, getting up all visible debris, keep vacuum filters clean, and empty containers or bags as recommended by the manufacturer. Carpet cleaning products used for spills and stains should be as mild as possible.

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