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Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips

There are two methods for cleaning carpets in the home or office: the dry or wet method. The dry method uses dry-cleaning fluids and solvents to clean the carpet, while the wet method uses cleaning solvents or shampoos mixed in water. Some carpet cleaners also use hot water extraction, or steam to get rid of hard-to-remove stains, which falls under the “wet” method. When choosing to use the “dry” method for cleaning your carpets, contact a professional cleaning service, commercial carpet cleaners, or another type of professional commercial cleaning service. Using the dry method may require carpet cleanings more than once a year, as this method doesn’t provide as deep a cleaning as the wet method does.

Professionally cleaning the carpet in your home starts with choosing a commercial cleaning service company. Research the local cleaning services, commercial carpet and upholstery cleaners, or companies that offer commercial building cleaning and contact them for estimates based upon the carpet’s total square footage. Contact neighbors for recommendations for commercial cleaning service companies they have used and found favorable. Make a note that some people in your family may have allergic reactions to solvents used for cleaning carpets with the dry method. Make sure to ask the cleaning service, commercial carpet cleaner or other commercial cleaning service the cleaning method it uses to clean carpets.

For the office, it’s best to use commercial office cleaning services on a regular basis. A commercial cleaning business has all the necessary equipment to clean office carpet easily – even when it comes to getting out stubborn stains. Carpets that receive a lot of wear, such as office carpets, require a thorough and daily vacuuming to prevent dirt and soil from becoming ground into the carpet fibers. Many office building landlords offer in-house commercial building cleaning services, commercial office cleaning services, or professional commercial cleaning services.

Installing new carpet in the home can get quite expensive, but if you use maid cleaning services, commercial cleaning companies or a commercial building cleaning services at least once, if not twice a year – and treat stains immediately – the carpet can look good and last several years. A commercial cleaning service typically has a unit installed in a van or mounted in a truck that attaches to hoses and floor units for reaching inside the home.

When you don’t want to employ the services of a commercial cleaning business, a local hardware, or grocery store often rents carpet cleaning equipment on a daily basis. Most homeowners make the mistake of adding too much soap to the mix, which often leaves a residue on the carpet. A soapy residue causes dirt to cling to the carpet – making it look dirtier than it really is. If you want to ensure a long-life for your carpet, it’s best to use professional commercial cleaning services.

Treat stains before completing an overall carpet cleaning. Whether choosing a cleaning service, commercial carpet cleaning service, or cleaning the carpet yourself, you will need to treat and handle each stain on the carpet based on the type of stain. Review these tips from a commercial cleaning business for getting out tough carpet stains:

  • Sponge ballpoint ink stains out with a clean cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol or a clear alcohol such as Vodka. If the stain persists, try a dry cleaning solvent or spot remover directly on the stain. If that doesn’t work, use glycerin obtained from a pharmacy or drug store to blot the stain.
  • For lipstick stains, apply a dry-cleaner solvent or multi-purpose spot remover with a grease solvent to dab the stain until gone.
  • To get chewing gum out of carpet, place ice in a ziploc bag and then set the bag on the gum until it gets hard. When the gum is hardened, crunch the fabric around the gum to loosen the gum. Use a spatula or dull knife to remove the excess gum. Use a vacuum to get up the pieces and then sponge the remaining gum with a lacquer thinner but you should not soak the gum. After the gum is removed, rinse the entire area with cool water until no cleaning materials remain.
  • Use a special enzymatic cleaner to remove pet stains from carpets. When pet stains go through to the carpet underlayment, this can continue to smell even after the carpet is clean. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet when dry to remove odors.

For more information on carpet cleaning tips, tricks and techniques, please review any one of the following resources:

When choosing any type of cleaning services, commercial carpet or commercial office cleaning services, always ask for a list of references, pricing options and more from the company with whom you choose to work. Avoid working with companies that can’t provide references or show proof of liability insurance. A legitimate carpet cleaning service or commercial cleaning business is always happy to comply with your requests for more information.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet is an attractive and economical way to cover a floor. It sees a lot of foot traffic throughout the years, which causes it to become dirty. Pets and people add to the dirt by making stains. Carefully maintaining a carpet makes it look more attractive and prolongs its life. If a carpet is not properly cared for, a professional cleaning service may need to be called to revive it.

When treating a carpet stain, never rub harshly. This can smear the stain or cause it to set in, becoming permanent. Harsh rubbing also weakens fibers, contributing to faster wear. To prevent a stain from reappearing, cover a fresh stain with an absorbent white towel or cloth and place a heavy object on top, allowing the stain to be absorbed by the cloth overnight. The stain can then be treated as recommended by the carpet manufacturer.

A hair dryer or iron should not be used to dry carpet stains because this will permanently seal the stain. Carpet should be deep or steam cleaned every six months to one year. Most spills can be addressed immediately by treating the area with water. If this does not remove the spill, try mixing vinegar with water. Many products are designed to treat difficult stains that remain.

When mildew or mold enter a colored carpet, get them out with a solution of salt and lemon juice or use non-chlorine bleach. If a carpet is color-safe, a solution of five parts water and one part three-percent hydrogen peroxide can be used. Test a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet to ensure color-fastness.

Frequent vacuuming should be part of the regular routine. Vacuum the carpet in several directions, getting up all visible debris, keep vacuum filters clean, and empty containers or bags as recommended by the manufacturer. Carpet cleaning products used for spills and stains should be as mild as possible.

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