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Spring Cleaning Breakdown



Get ready for our thorough Spring Cleaning Breakdown…Giving you steps to complete your cleaning without having a mental breakdown. As spring approaches on the 20th, everyone here at Busy Bee is buzzing with excitement for one of our busiest seasons of cleaning of the year. During the first warm days of spring, it isn’t uncommon for people to feel the need to shake off winter by doing a thorough cleaning of their homes. Spring cleaning often involves getting rid of older items that are causing clutter, as well as removing excess dust and vacuuming. Generally, most people maintain their homes well enough that spring cleaning isn’t too difficult of a chore, but for some can be a daunting task. New York residents often find that hiring a maid is helpful for keeping the home clean, or they avoid cleaning altogether, regardless of the season. Though spring cleaning may sound daunting and scary and trust me we know, but really all you have to do is break down the process and take it one step at a time. Or you could just call us we won’t be upset by that, you can avoid the hassle of cleaning yourselves.  When not using our services, New Yorkers can still completely clean, provided they know how to go about it. Here are some tips to help you get ready to clean!

I mean I scheduled it, so i guess that means i have to do it.

I mean I scheduled it, so I guess that means I have to do it.

STEP 1: Break down your living space and Plan your cleaning days:

  • kitchen
  • bedroom
  • bathroom
  • living room
  • etc.

STEP 2:  Acquire supplies needed from the Ultimate cleaning supplies List

-Air Freshener All-Purpose Cleaner

Baking Soda -Bleach

-BroomBucket  -Dishwasher Soap

-Cotton Swabs   -Dishwashing Soap

-Disinfecting Spray  -Disinfecting Wipes

-Dust Mop  -Dustpan

-Extendable Duster  -Floor Polish

-Glass Cleaner   -Hamper

-Labels -Laundry Soap

-Laundry Stain Remover -Microfiber Cloths

-Mild Abrasive  -Mopping Solution

-Oven Cleaner   -Rubber Gloves

-Scrub Brushes -Sponge Mop

-Sponges -Wood Polish

-Spray Bottles   -Storage Containers

-Toilet Brush -Trash Bags

-Upholstery Spot Remover -Vacuum

Do I have to clean every room??

Do I have to clean every room??

STEP 3: Breakdown Room Tasks:

  • Kitchen:  The kitchen should be routinely cleaned year-round. If it’s been neglected or just needs a more thorough cleaning, make sure to set aside more time for it. In the kitchen. Empty cupboards, Throw away expired food items and collect non-expired unwanted food in a bag for the food bank. Wipe out the cupboards and remove items from the counters to wipe them down. Empty the refrigerator: clean the interior with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before replacing food items. The seals should be wiped down and avoid bleach. Clean the coils using a vacuum attachment and sweep and clean behind the fridge. Clean the stove and oven with baking soda and water paste. Also, use it to clean the kitchen sink. Run a cup of vinegar through the dishwasher to clean and disinfect it.
  • Bedroom: Start with the bed. Remove the bedding: pillows, sheets, comforter, and blankets. Launder the pillows and the linens in the washing machine and then flip the mattress; this should be done four times a year. Wipe the baseboards and vacuum. Launder curtains and windowsill with a multipurpose cleaner. Vacuum blinds with an attachment or dust with a cloth. Dust furniture and fixtures in the room and vacuum the floor. If needed sweep and mop away any loose debris.
  • Bathroom: The least desirable place to clean, but also one that is full of germs and bacteria… EWW!  You’ll want to get the job done as quickly and cleanly as possible. Because they’re often closed up spaces, keep the door and/or window open for ventilation. Remove all items off counters; wipe them down and the sinks out with a cloth and disinfectant. For mirrors, use vinegar to clean the glass. Scrub the inside and the outside of the bathtub with baking soda can be used to safely clean the tub and shower walls. Rub fixtures with a soft cloth to remove any water stains and remove dust from vents. Scrub the inside of the toilet with a toilet bowl cleaner and brush and wipe the outside of the toilet with a disinfectant. Remove expired or unnecessary items from the vanity and drawers. Wipe the insides once empty. Finally, sweep and mop the floor with a disinfectant floor cleaner.
  • Living room: Clean the drapes or curtains. Check to see if they need dry cleaned or just a machine washable. Remove rugs, shake them out and vacuum them. Dust picture frames, coffee tables and any wood furniture with a clean, dry towel. Get rid of any old magazines. Wipe down baseboards with a multipurpose cleaner. Also, use a damp cloth to clean off any dust or dirt from ceiling fans in the room. For upholstery, use a vacuum with attachment to remove any surface dust or lint. Move furniture to the center of the room, and vacuum. After returning the furniture back where it belongs, vacuum the rest of the floor.

STEP 4: Make it fun!

I'm the BEST cleaner EVER!!

I’m the BEST cleaner EVER!!

  • Blast music
  • Have friends come over and help
  • Get the cute pink gloves instead of the yellow

STEP 5: Give up and Call us, it’s okay! You can still tell your friends you cleaned everything, cause you set up the appointment!


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