Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning tips come in a lot of forms as Spring Cleaning basically encompasses all that there is to know about cleaning. Here are a few tips of things to clean, that can be cleaned in a short amount of time around your home year-round. Remember that it is important to clean correctly and precisely to save yourself time from having to clean the same area or area twice.

I think I can see my reflection...almost
I think I can see my reflection…almost.

BRIGHT AND CLEAN: Keep your stainless steel bright and clean in the kitchen. Using a light mist of wax-based aerosol spray( once or twice a week).  Though often more is better, don’t put on too much as you don’t want it to soak into the surface and make it greasy. Wipe the mist with a clean, lint-free cloth, and never use oils to keep away fingerprints — lint will stick to the oil. Also, don’t use cleaners with bleach after you’ve put on the waxy layer, or it will dry out and lose some of the lusters. And finally, don’t use anything abrasive, not even mild products like Soft Scrub or Scotch-Brite pads. You don’t want to scratch or ruin the surface.

KEEP, TOSS, DONATE: Organize your  closets by going through them and getting rid of

I know it doesn't fit but it's so cute
I know it doesn’t fit but it’s so cute.

donating all of unused and/or clothes and accessories. Once you have cleaned the closet out and organize the rest by how you get dressed in the morning and by color. Your closet will look appealing, and your everyday routine will be easier.


I should just put plastic on my couch to protect it.
I should just put plastic on my couch to protect it.


IS THAT STAIN STILL THERE:  To remove stains and odors from upholstery, blot up as much of the mess as you can, as soon as you can.  While you’re blotting the upholstery, put a plastic liner or a garbage bag between the cushion and the fabric so you don’t push the contaminant into the cushion. Then flush with cold water as best you can. Blot and flush again. Coldwater doesn’t set stains as much as hot water. You can also use a portable spot cleaner or wet/dry vac. If there’s still a residual odor, use a half-vinegar, half-water solution and rinse again. If that doesn’t work, call in the professionals.

What mom...I can't draw here??
What mom…I can’t draw here??

CLEAN UP THAT “CANVAS”: Clean your painted walls, start with a clean cloth or sponge and water. If that doesn’t work, dip the rag or sponge into water mixed with a little dishwashing liquid, the milder the better. If the stain still won’t budge, apply a few drops of soap directly onto the wet sponge or cloth you’re using. For more stubborn cases, you could apply a little soap right onto the stain. If you need to resort to a stronger product like Fantastik or Formula 409, realize they have strong solvents in them and can soften the paint surface. Make sure that whatever you do to get rid of the stain, you rinse the wall afterward with plain water.

Get those statement pieces
Statement pieces can make the  room-PERFECT!

5 MINUTE MOOD MAKEOVER: For easy room updates without a drastic change or a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond, make simple changes to your decor. When I am decorating a room I try to stick to a palette or color scheme from there I like to keep around a collection of different throw pillows, blankets, a couch cover, or towels and a different shower curtain for the bathroom. These are easy changes that can be done quickly. Switching out things seasonally, or for a special event, or whenever you want to play with a certain color or pattern can make the extra textiles worth buying!

KEEP YOUR CARPET AS SOFT AS A CLOUD: To keep carpets soft under your toes

It's too soft I just had to feel it between my toes!
It’s too soft I just had to feel it between my toes!

and looking nice next to your pedicure, make sure you and your houseguests take off your shoes when you get home. But make sure to leave your socks on, as bare feet leave natural oils on the carpet that attract dirt. Try to vacuum every day and use a top-load vacuum, so the dirt falls inward, and make sure the vacuum uses HEPA filters. Change the filters often, so you don’t blow pollutants back into the air. For less-trafficked areas, you can get away with cleaning the carpets once or twice a year, and every 18 months for a bedroom. For higher-traffic areas, the most often you’d need to bring in professionals would be three or four times a year, although once you see that your carpet’s dirty, you probably should have it cleaned for health reasons.



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