How Cleaning Can Help You Improve Your Productivity

Photo by: miss Karen (Flickr)
Photo by: miss Karen (Flickr)

A few weeks ago we received a bill in the mail; nothing new or out of the ordinary. I wrote a check, grabbed an envelope, and completed filling out the bill. After licking the envelope, there was only one more thing to add; a stamp. I reached into the drawer and began rummaging around pencils, staples, scissors, and even a few screw drivers. I could not find the stamps anywhere. They weren’t with the checks, the envelopes or even the glue. After twenty minutes, I tossed the bill on the desk and went for help. My wife can find anything anywhere, but even she struggled to find the stamps wadded up beneath a pile of expired coupons. We only needed to look at each other, with an exhausted expression, to know it was time to clean and organize the office. It is amazing what a clean home, bedroom, and office can do to increase your productivity throughout the day.

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If you are alive and human, you probably have experienced the same frustration I felt while looking for a stamp. Whether it be for a pencil sharpener or a birth certificate, a little organizing can eliminate wasted moments looking for misplaced items. The first thing you need to do is throw out the garbage. Toss magazines, newspapers, and paper you will never use or look at again. Grab important documents and place them in a file cabinet where you can easily locate and retrieve them. Sort pencils, stamps, rulers, and all other office supplies in separate containers or areas. Grabbing what you need immediately will not only save you time, but it will keep you running smoothly with positive energy. It is way better to use energy working than waste it looking for something that should never have been lost.

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A productive home starts the moment you wake up and roll out of bed. It starts with the bed. Making the bed every single day will create positive habits that will carry on with you throughout the day. By accomplishing one simple thing at the start of the day, it will make it easier to continue down the list and get chores done. A clean home creates a positive and stress-free atmosphere where productivity strives. When my home is clean, it makes it easier to finish other chores, start projects, and keep up on the work. Strive to make your bed every morning and you will see immediate results on the rest of your day. Many people struggle to find motivation when the house is overwhelmingly messy. A clean house creates motivation and confidence to complete additional work.

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