How Cleaning Can Make You Sick

Photo by: Liesl (Flickr)
Photo by: Liesl (Flickr)

Many years ago, when I couldn’t grow hair on my face, and my pants always had holes in the knees, I would do everything possible to get out of cleaning. The love I have for organizing and shining up the kitchen hadn’t come along quite yet. Some days I would tell my mom that my legs were hurting or even broken. Other days, while cleaning, I would suddenly come down with an awful sickness. Many times my body would become completely useless when given a rag. It seemed cleaning did nothing but make me sick! Thinking back on those moments I find myself laughing, but sadly getting sick from cleaning is a reality for many people. If you find yourself struggling with headaches and constant allergies, it might be time to look into the products you use and the way you are cleaning.

Before spraying that bottle of cleaner, you need to read the label first. Most people don’t know the chemicals in the cleaners they use, but these chemicals can cause serious sickness and problems. One of these dangerous ingredients is phenol; exposure to phenol can cause cardiac damage, respiratory problems, and kidney trouble. Formaldehyde found in many deodorizers can actually be the reason your asthma is acting and up. It might sound a little strange, but the best cleaners are the ones that you can’t smell at all.

After reading the back of your bottle, you will quickly be surprised at all the harsh chemicals packed into that little thing. Instead of tossing the bottle into the trash, clean it out and recycle it for your home-made spray. Making your own cleaners from vinegar, baking soda, lemons, water, and club soda can guarantee you and your family a healthier and safer home. Once your chemicals have been replaced, you will feel an immediate change in your health. If your asthma or allergies are still continuing on, it might be the vacuum that is moving the dust into the air. Vacuum more often and change the filter often to keep the dust to a minimum. Having you home feel better is up to you, and with a few small changes you can make it happen.

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