Best Ways To Clean Linoleum Floors

Since it is easy to clean, linoleum is often used as a floor covering in high traffic areas. Genuine linoleum has maintenance requirements similar to wood. The material is durable but sometimes has problems with moisture. To maintain the original appearance and protect against moisture and dirt, only cleaning products designed for use on genuine linoleum should be used to clean these floors.

Routine home and office cleaning of linoleum floors begins with a thorough sweeping or vacuuming. Cleaning products should be mixed as instructed on containers prior to applying them to the floor with a mop that is only slightly damp. To prevent moisture damage, do not use too much water. As the cleaning solution becomes dirty, it should be exchanged so the floor is not being mopped with dirty liquid.

When rewaxing of the linoleum floor is necessary, do what the home and office cleaning experts do. Use a mild detergent to mop the floor and leave this on for a while so it can penetrate ground-in dirt. Rinse off the detergent and allow the floor to dry. Use a scrub brush to apply wax stripper to the floor, following the product manufacturer instructions. Apply new wax as directed on the product instructions.

For a heavy-duty cleaning, mix a 50-50 ratio of water and food-grade white vinegar in a spray bottle. Fill a bucket with warm or hot water. Spray the vinegar solution onto the floor and mop the area using the water in the bucket. You will notice a smell from the vinegar solution but this odor goes away as the solution dries. This treatment not only cuts grease, it is a disinfectant and removes mildew and mold.

A shine mop is one way to dry a linoleum floor to prevent water spots. This mop is designed for hard surface floors and is great at removing dirt left behind after mopping. It looks like a white terrycloth towel fitted on a rectangular mop head. A shine mop can be used damp on vinyl, wood, tile, and marble floors. The cover can be washed in the washing machine and reused many times.

To save money when cleaning linoleum floors, purchase vinegar by the gallon and comparison shop for shine mops online. Remove shoes before walking on the floors because dirt, sand, and pebbles grind the floor surface, dulling its shine. Adding floor mats to the area protects the linoleum and allows the floor to stay clean longer.

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