What Is Involved In Building Maintenance Services

Whether you work in an office building in New York City or Topeka, you want the environment to be clean. This means not only keeping your company office space tidy but also cleaning the common areas of the building like restrooms, lobbies, and waiting areas. Building maintenance is a task that metropolitan cleaning services must become proficient in if they want to compete in the industry. The result is a sparkling clean building that is safe for workers and visitors.

Routine building maintenance encompasses several tasks, ranging from the simple to the complex. Furniture is dusted and polished as needed using microfiber cloths to remove trapped dust. Horizontal surfaces and window blinds are also dusted on a regular basis. Air returns, vents, and ceiling fans are other areas where dust can accumulate and be disseminated throughout the environment so these are also regularly dusted.

Carpet cleaning keeps high-traffic areas looking fresh day after day. There are many different textures and colors of carpets, requiring that workers know various methods of removing dirt and stains. Different carpet cleaning equipment and products are needed to remove spots and stains without damaging a carpet. Regular vacuuming keeps carpets cleaner, reducing the frequency of spot cleaning.

Hard floors are swept and mopped as necessary to keep these surfaces free of dirt and grime. Any entrance glass and interior glass like doors and windows are cleaned frequently to remove smudges. Glass surfaces should look crystal-clear, allowing natural light to penetrate throughout the day. No one should be looking in or out of one of these through smears.

Buildings usually have common restrooms in their lobbies and sometimes on each floor. Bathroom areas are disinfected using sprays, cleansers, and mold or mildew removers. This practice deodorizes while eliminating harmful bacteria. Based on the number of visitors and workers that use these areas each day, this is not a task that a professional cleaner can overlook.

Once the rest of the common areas are cleaned, trash receptacles are emptied and materials permitted for recycling are separated from the rest of the garbage. Before a new bag is placed in the receptacle, antibacterial wipes are used to clean and sanitize it. Making this the last chore of the day ensures that trash containers are empty at the start of the following workday. Each morning, those who pass through the doors of the building enter a tidy and sanitary environment.

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