10 Cleaning Myths Busted

Photo by: Nick Gordon (Flickr)

I research and constantly study up on cleaning products. When I tell people this, I can always see their lips twitch with a smile. It is cleaning! What could I possibly be researching? As we learn about products and the direct impact they have on our health, we can determine which ones will be safest to use while getting the job done correctly. What works and what doesn’t can be hard to figure out when there are so many myths out there. One of the most common cleaners is bleach. It is also the cleaner with the most myths floating around it. It kills germs quickly and people spray it on everything without thinking about the consequences. While bleach is awesome at killing germs, it isn’t so great at breaking down build-up on surfaces and wiping them clean. Learning about the myths behind cleaners and cleaning methods can help get your home shining and germ-free.

Many people grab a bottle of cleaner and begin spraying down everything in sight and then wipe it off quickly without reading any labels. While some cleaners are great at one job, they might be terrible at another. Before spraying a product, read the label. You don’t have to have a cleaner for every little job, but there is no universal cleaner either. Another misconception is cleaners only need to be sprayed and wiped off. All products need to sit and soak on a surface to properly sanitize and cleanse a surface. One myth my mother raised me believing was bleach works best in hot water. It wasn’t until later that I discovered hot water and bleach can turn your whites a yellowish tint. I am always surprised to find a new myth that somehow snuck past me for years, but it happens to everyone! Here are ten myths that might be fooling you.

Bleach is the best cleaner for all surfaces in a home
Vinegar is a great disinfectant and gets rid germs better than other cleaners
Using more detergent in the laundry means the clothes coming out cleaner
Vacuuming can wear out your carpet if it is done frequently
All “green” labeled products are safe to use on all surfaces
  • What Makes a Green Product Safe There are many products on the shelf and many are labeled as “green,” but a label doesn’t guarantee it being safe for your home or around children.
  • Green Cleaning Myths Reading the back of the label can give you hints to product safeness, but sadly every ingredient is not required to be listed. Learn about the myths behind green products and how to make sure you are buying what you need.
If it smells clean it must be clean
  • Changing the Smell of Clean Many people are surprised to discover that after scrubbing down a bathroom with homemade cleaners, the bathroom is both germ and odor-free.
  • What is the Smell of Clean? I loved this article as it so eloquently explains how the safest clean is completely odorless.
Having your carpet steam cleaned can cause it to mold and stink
  • Carpet cleaning myths People often worry about their carpets smelling moldy after having them professionally cleaned, but here is why you should get them cleaned and not worry.
  • Myths About Getting Your Carpet Cleaned Once you have your carpets cleaned, you’ll be wondering why you had waited so long. Don’t worry about mold, or ruining your carpets, getting them cleaned is healthy and completely safe for your floors.
Homemade products don’t work as well as cleaners found at the store
  • Myths About Green Products Vinegar mixed with baking soda does wonder to hardened food and soap stains. Read what vinegar can get clean or you.
  • Green Cleaning Myths If you are wondering how vinegar could possibly clean your bathroom tub, grab a bottle and read about these popular myths.
The “cold” cycle is always the best cycle to wash your clothes
The washing machine is clean inside because it cleans itself

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