Tips To Improve Productivity Of Housekeepers

September 11 to 17 is International Housekeepers Week, a time when we honor those in this difficult but fulfilling profession. Many people spend their careers working for the most reputable cleaningservices in the country. Even those who have been employed for decades can always use some advice. Here are some tips that employers and housekeepers should follow to continue a high level of client service.

Cleaning companies should provide housekeepers with training specific to the job. This includes the order of cleaning tasks, how to clean a room, the amount of time to spend on each task, and the types of cleaning products and equipment required. Specialized training allows housekeepers to repeatedly deliver the best results.

Without the right equipment and tools, housekeeper productivity suffers by more than 50 percent, according to the ISSA. The proper tools decrease worker strain due to overexertion and repetitive motions. Using the correct cleaning products results in the most hygienic conditions. By providing housekeepers with carts that are stocked, employers reduce downtime due to storage area trips. If they are able to lock their supply carts, housekeepers will not continuously need to replace missing supplies, equipment, and tools, which saves money.

Chemical stations and other frequently used areas should be placed in easily accessible janitorial closets. This reduces effort and time spent by housekeepers when supply restocking is eventually needed. Cleaning services companies should work with commercial and residential clients to determine the best locations for these storage areas. Cleaning workers servicing an entire building should have access to at least one closet per floor.

Housekeepers should not be considered a home or office handyperson. They are hired to clean, not repair air conditioning units or replace light bulbs. By providing them with an engineering checklist, this responsibility is removed from their plate. Housekeepers can check off potential issues to be addressed by building maintenance or the homeowner. This reduces the chances that these fixes will be overlooked and limits building occupant complaints.

A housekeeper usually is not trained or equipped to perform deep cleaning, nor does he or she have time to do it. A full service cleaning company should send its deep cleaning experts to do this. These workers will get the area back to the highest state of cleanliness that housekeeping staff can then maintain during future months. Implementing these steps enables housekeepers to be the most productive and keeps areas as clean as possible.

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