How To Clean Mattresses

We sleep on a mattress every night, yet many of us never consider cleaning it. Keeping the mattress clean allows it to remain fresh and prevents congestion and illness on our parts. Many commercial cleaning services that specialize in mattress cleaning so it should not be difficult to find one. In between professional cleanings, there are several ways to keep mattresses clean.

Vacuuming the mattress removes matter than can make any spills or stains worse. If an inspection of the mattress surface reveals dirt or soil, upholstery cleaning products can be used to remove it. Many of these products also remove dust mites and the refuse they leave behind. Follow the product instructions because application and removal methods vary.

If the source of a mattress stain is unknown, spray the area with one of the citrus-based cleaning products. Allow the solution to set for five minutes and then blot the cleaner with an absorbent white cloth. Mild dish detergent and water is another universal cleaner. When a blood stain is present, first rinse the area with cold water. If this does not remove the stain, apply hydrogen peroxide and blot it with a white cloth while it bubbles.

Mold and mildew are caused by excessive moisture so place the mattress outside in the sun to dry. Wipe or sweep off the mold or mildew. If this does not work, call in one of the commercial cleaning services that specializes in removal of these substances. Keep indoor air dry by using a dehumidifier during warm temperatures.

Some people make a habit of eating and drinking in bed, which can result in spills. If a colored drink is spilled on a mattress, it may not be possible to remove the entire stain. However, vinegar or a citrus cleaner may lessen the amount of color. Some drink stains can be removed with isopropyl alcohol. Do not pour the alcohol onto the stain because this could carry it further. Instead, blot the area with a clean, absorbent cloth that has been soaked in alcohol.

Blotting a urine stain after it occurs should remove much of the fluid. An oxygen-based cleaner or one designed for urine stain removal is the best treatment. Spray the stain with the product and then blot the area. Once the stain is dry, shake some baking soda on it, allow this to set overnight, and then vacuum it up the next day.

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