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Make House Cleaning Faster To Increase Amount Of Leisure Time

Cleaning the house is not usually considered fun. This chore is necessary to keep the area tidy and prevent the family from getting sick from ingesting dust, dirt, and germs. If we cannot afford a matron service, we must do the cleaning ourselves. Most of us are busy so keeping cleaning time to a minimum is welcomed.

The best way to shorten cleaning time is to prevent messes from accumulating. Wipe down the tub, shower walls, mirror, and sink following each use. After every meal, clear items from the dining table and wipe it clean. Do not leave pots and pans in the sink or on the counter because it will take longer to clean them later. If drinks or food are left out, children and pets are likely to make these into accidents.

Cleaning supplies should be stored near the area in which they will be used. This prevents having to carry them up and down stairs or to different sides of the house. Every day, focus on cleaning one room and have the rest of the family help, to make cleaning a less overwhelming task for any single person.

To make sure all areas of the home are addressed, create a cleaning checklist. When working in a certain area, begin cleaning at the top of the surface and work your way to the bottom. Dirt and stains get onto the cleaned spot when other methods are used, like cleaning in circles or from the bottom.

Before beginning a wet cleaning project, dust the area. If the surface or floor is dirty, mopping or wet cleaning it will only create streaks of dirt. Get help from children with this and other chores, showing them the importance of having a clean home. Every night, organize the house to prevent clutter so the area will not appear messy.

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