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Everyday Organization


A few months ago, we got behind on cleaning. The holidays had created a lot of unexpected messes, and the laundry somehow tripled overnight. As we tried to get our home back to normal, I started forgetting errands and misplacing important things, and my drawers and closets unorganized themselves. Normal everyday tasks became a struggle, and for an entire week, I completely lost my mind. Once our home was cleaned and I was finally back on schedule, I realized how important it is to do daily cleaning tasks to stay organized and stress-free. Here are ten things you can do every day to make your life more organized so it can run smoothly.

  • Create a List: At the end of each day, I create a list of the things I need to complete the next day. This is key to good organization, but it also helps me sleep through the night.
  • Set Out Clothes for the Next Morning: I remember doing this as a child, and I embraced it as an adult a few years ago. It helps my morning run smoothly and leaves enough time to put my pajamas away after getting dressed.
  • Make the Bed: This is something I do every single day. It is easy and sets the mood for the rest of my schedule.
  • Wipe Down the Shower Daily: It keeps the bathroom fresh and cuts back on tub buildup.
  • Wipe Down the Bathroom Counter After Getting Ready: After brushing your teeth and doing your hair, take a minute to wipe down the counter with cleaner and a rag. It will remind you to put away cosmetics and keep your bathroom feeling fresh.
  • Run the Dishwasher Before Bed: Depending on how many dishes you use throughout the day, running the dishwasher at night ensures clean dishes in the morning. Whenever it runs during the day, the dishes begin piling up as they wait for an empty spot in the dishwasher, so always run it at night.
  • Empty the Dishwasher in the Morning: An empty dishwasher makes it easy to place dishes inside with very little effort. Emptying the dishwasher literally takes three minutes or less; I know this because I have actually timed myself!
  • Always Be Putting Something Away: Whenever you leave a room, make sure there is something in your hand. If you leave the living room, grab those shoes and take them to the closet. It will keep the house continually picked up, and it will only add a few seconds to your day.
  • Put Stuff Where it Goes: We are all guilty of shoving a paper in the back of the dresser, sticking a screwdriver in a drawer, or tossing things into a corner to put away later. While it saves a step or two of walking, it only clutters a home and makes it difficult to stay organized. Whenever the temptation comes to shove things where they don’t belong, remind yourself that it will only take a few extra seconds to put it where it goes and will maintain organization.
  • Clean Up Before Bed: While getting ready for bed, put your clothes away, check that each room is clean, and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments for that day. It is always refreshing to wake up to a clean house and not to a bunch of dreaded chores left from the night before.

It always amazes me how quickly a home can become a mess when I don’t do simple daily tasks. Staying organized means doing the little things every single day. It always helps to remind myself how easy and quick it is if I keep up on it and how long it takes if I miss a day or two. Cleaning can be hard, but when you are able to keep your home continually organized, it is an incredibly rewarding feeling.

Image Courtesy of Emily May (Flickr)

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