Tips For A Clean Office

Whether you work in an office building or within the comforts of home, it is important to keep the workspace clean. If a professional is not contracted to do your office cleaning, this enviable job is left in your capable hands. By incorporating a few tips, the office can be converted to its original clean condition in a short time.

In modern offices, electronic equipment like computers occupies a large portion of the office space. They are used on a regular basis so they quickly become the dirtiest objects in the workspace. Gently wiping the computer screen with a microfiber cloth will clean it. Compressed air can be used to blow dust and debris out of keyboards. Then, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and apply it to each key to clean and disinfect the area.

Computer towers, printers, telephones, and fax machines should be dusted with a microfiber cloth. Any part of this equipment that does not directly contact electrical components can be cleaned with cotton swabs dipped in alcohol. Once per month, remove everything from table, shelf, and desk surfaces and wipe them with one of the all-purpose cleaning products like Formula 409 or Mr. Clean. Before returning files, binders, and books to their homes, dust them.

On a weekly basis, dust work surfaces, the feet and legs of chairs, and use the appropriate cleaning products to wipe down the office chair or vacuum a cloth chair. Simplify trash collection by keeping several trash bags in the bottom of the can. Store a duster in the desk drawer so it can be used on the fly when needed. Keep a container of disinfecting wipes in a cabinet or drawer for quick cleaning of the phone mouthpiece, a germ haven.

Cap off the office cleaning routine by vacuuming the rug or sweeping the floor. To keep the office smelling fresh, use a plug-in or desktop air freshener. Those who want to breathe the cleanest air should install an air purifier in their workspace. These machines recirculate air, removing dust, debris, and germs in the process.

Diligently following these tips on a regular basis will keep the office fresh and clean, even on the most intense days. Taking a few moments to dust surfaces each day reduces the amount of effort needed during more thorough weekly and monthly cleanings. Having a clean office enables you to focus on work, not dust bunnies.

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