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The Top 5 Gifts To Give The Cleaning Junkie In Your Life

Christmas is fast approaching and finding the perfect gift for the people in your life is one of the best parts. I won’t lie and say I have a natural knack for picking gifts. In fact, I have failed miserably many times in my life. Our first Valentine’s Day together I gave my wife a hideous shrub, and one birthday I gave her a TV series I was dying to see. I will save you from hearing the rest of the embarrassing stories and share with you what I am good at; giving gifts to a cleaning or organizing junkie. Here are five awesome gifts to give that person in your life that is as crazy about cleaning as I am.

Pan Scraper

This is a fun cleaning gadget that is not only affordable, but it easily fits inside a stocking. It helps loosen food debris off the pan with its soft nylon head and rubber handle. I am always scratching my pans with my fingernails attempting to get off the mess without ruining my pan, so this is the perfect solution to a pan dilemma.

Robot Vacuum

For those of us who enjoy a clean home, we don’t necessarily want to spend our lives scrubbing every inch all the time. Any cleaning technology that saves us time while polishing our home, is a tool we have to have. Seriously, we need it! The robot vacuum is a thoughtful and awesome present to give to the cleaner in your life. A cleaning junkie that comes home to a freshly vacuumed home is like a chocoholic seeing a chocolate fountain surrounded by candy bars-it’s that great.

Shout Wipes

You can’t go wrong stuffing a stocking with a couple of the best cleaning products out there. One of my favorite on-the-go stain removers are shout wipes. These wipes annihilate everything from brown coffee stains to the dreaded red wine spill. Keep a few on hand for messy party guests hanging out all over your house. It’s even better for those with little kids running around; keep a few of these wipes packed away in the diaper bag for surprise blow-outs, vomiting, grass-stains, and dirt.

Steam Mop

If your cleaning junkie has any type of flooring besides carpet, then the steam mop might be the dream gift to give this year. Wood floors are very sensitive and with just water, floors can be delicately cleaned without using harsh scrubbing or chemicals. If the bathroom is looking a little germy, this super mop will disinfect it while giving is a shine you’ve never seen before.

CleanWave Sanitizing Wand

I don’t have a sanitizing wand yet, but it is one cleaning gift I want this year. This nifty gadget disinfects areas that are covered in germs. It has been used in hospitals for many years, and it’s time to bring this technology home. Simply wave it across the area, and the UV-C light technology works like magic to sanitize the area. Christmas is a wonderful time of year to give us cleaning junkie’s a present that only makes the home shine brighter.

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