Bathroom Cleaning

Handling Bathroom Cleaning Trouble Spots

The bathroom is not the easiest room to clean in the home. Mildew likes to grow in this moist area and there are crevices and components that require some advanced cleaning methods. Knowing some bathroom cleaning can make the job easier. The result will rival those provided by a professional cleaning service.

Shower mats get dirty from soap scum and dirty feet. Clean the mat using a stiff brush dipped in a solution of warm water and kerosene. Bath oils create rings around the tub so minimize their use and rinse the tub following bathing when they are used. Tub rings can be removed with undiluted ammonia or with baking soda applied by a wet sponge. Extremely tough stains can be treated with a cloth dipped in vinegar or scrubbed with automatic dishwashing detergent.

Rubbing alcohol is an excellent cleaner for bathtub caulks and it makes glass and chrome shine. If mildew accumulates in tub corners, dip a cotton ball in bleach, apply it to the area, and allow it to sit while cleaning the rest of the bathroom. Remove the cotton ball and rinse the area, which should now be mildew-free.

Keeping the bathroom disinfected helps to kill germs. In just a few minutes each day, everything but the bathroom mirror can be disinfected. In small bathrooms, a sponge and all-purpose spray cleaner can be used to quickly clean the floor when there is no time for mopping. A fresh cut lemon works wonders on light stains in the sink, while lemon juice and borax handle dark stains such as rust.

Lining the wastebasket with a fabric softener sheet or dabbing perfume on light bulbs creates an instant air freshener.

Drains can be freshened by pouring about ½ box of baking soda, followed by ½ cup of white vinegar, down them. Cover the drain for several minutes and then flush it with cold water.

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