BUSY BEE NEWS “What’s the Cleaning Buzz?” Issue 55


 Whom Are You Loyal?

A BUSY BEE that's me!!
A BUSY BEE that’s me!!

We are always happy when our employees are comfortable working at one of our client’s sites. However what happens when employees forget where they work? We recently had a case where little by little one of our employees stopped calling us to update us on her schedule. She would go to the client with her schedule changes or request for days off. She even stopped clocking in sometimes, or would clock in on different hours depending on the day. We lost contact with this cleaner and she would only contact us if there were any errors in her check, sometimes weeks after she got it. This turned into big issue and the client would step in for her and make seem as if the cleaner didn’t need to communicate with us. They seemed to forget that she worked for Busy Bee, and we do the interviewing, hiring and firing…  Then suddenly out of nowhere, the client cancelled services. The cleaner also suddenly wanted to quit but she ended up confiding to one of our office crew that the client had offered her a job. What the cleaner didn’t know is that the client lied to her. In the contract signed with Busy Bee a client cannot hire ANY of our employees for two years after they have received services from us. So what ended up happening the cleaner quit busy Bee to work for the client, but the client just stopped answering her phone calls. Even though we offered a place somewhere else in the company she chose to go her own way. Doesn’t sound fair? Busy Bee is constantly winning contracts with different clients to make sure everyone in the company has a full schedule! Clients can be unpredictable as they can cancel services even when things are great.So when a client fires us, we have your back! We will always find a spot for you.  Don’t forget where your loyalties lie!

Is the client allowed to make me clean this? Should I call my supervisor?

Here are two stories to teach you when to call your supervisor:

Last week, a cleaner went to clean basement floors for a building. When he was done, the client ordered him to do other cleanings throughout the building. The woman was nasty to him and treated him with no respect. He called his supervisor hours after the incident happened, but if he had called right then he could have avoided the client’s crazy demands.


One of our supervisors arrived at a job and couldn’t believe her eyes. The client had thrown a party and there were towers of food containers and pizza boxes everywhere. She had to climb through the mountain if them to even get across the office. This mess would mean twice the work and twice the time to clean.

  • If you are in a situation where on a job a client asks for more services that were not told to you by your supervisor-call them immediately.
  • If you arrive on a job and the place is left a mess-call your supervisor immediately.
  • Also take pictures of the scene and ask if you can clean the extra mess before you clean, as the client has to pay for extra services done.


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