Classrooms Prepare For Spring Cleaning

Schools in Manhattan and throughout the country are taking advantage of warmer weather by doing some spring cleaning. Classrooms, cafeterias, restrooms, and hallways experience heavy use during the school year, making it important to keep these areas clean. Teachers, administrators, and commercial cleaners must collaborate to maintain a cleanly environment.

Classrooms are breeding grounds for germs, even if only a small number of children spend time there. Germs remain behind on chairs and desks, which should be cleaned and disinfected daily to prevent spread of colds and viruses. Door handles, window sills, and coat closets should also be cleaned regularly. Teachers can keep their desks and closet handles clean by wiping them with antibacterial cloths.

If the classroom contains a restroom, this area must also be cleaned. Students do not always wash their hands thoroughly, which can spread bacteria. The toilet, sink, floor, walls, and door of the restroom must be cleaned daily so children do not get sick. Students should always wash their hands after using the restroom. They can practice hand washing techniques under teacher supervision and should learn to take preventative measures like using antibacterial hand cleaner in between hand washings.

The many items on display in a classroom provide plenty of places for dust to settle. A dusty environment contributes to respiratory issues like allergies and asthma. Books, toys, and equipment must be dusted regularly. Light fixtures, window sills, and table surfaces should also receive a regular dusting. Floors must be swept and mopped and carpets should be vacuumed to remove dust and debris. Even window glass can become dusty, making it important to clean windows to allow natural light into the room.

Common areas like hallways, cafeterias, and hall restrooms must receive as much attention. Commercial cleaning services keep hallways free of debris and wax and buff hard floors when necessary. This makes the school attractive to visitors and healthier for children. Cleaning staff can keep the exteriors of lockers clean throughout the year and give lockers a thorough interior cleaning during summer break.

Spring brings leaves, flower buds, pollen, and insects that add to the regular dust and debris that enter a school. Keeping classrooms and common areas clean makes the school healthier for students, teachers, administrators, and visitors. A healthy environment reduces instances of sickness, making learning experiences more productive. The cleaning process is made easier when school employees and cleaning companies work together.

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