Common Questions Regarding Green Cleaning

As the new year approaches, it is time to make resolutions for 2012. Many people are becoming more environmentally conscious and are resolving to make a positive impact on the planet. They are planning lifestyle changes like using green cleaning practices. Many questions surround the topic of green cleaning in residential and commercial environments, so let us answer them.

Green cleaning is a process used by individuals and commercial cleaning services that protects health while not harming the environment. There is more to a green cleaning program than using eco-friendly cleaning products. Commercial cleaners develop relevant policies and procedures and train their staff in the proper techniques. This training does not negate the benefits of traditional cleaning practices- it merely promotes better, healthier methods of cleaning. Resulting efforts minimize the health impact of cleaning materials while protecting the environment.

Some people wonder if green cleaning really makes a difference. The answer is a resounding yes. The cleaning products used and the method of cleaning can significantly impact our health. In addition, by making smart choices regarding these products, cleaning equipment, and procedures, we preserve the environment and improve the lifespan of dwellings and their contents. When implemented in a commercial location, no additional employees or space are required.

Some individuals and business owners have hesitated to switch to green cleaning for cost reasons. A green cleaning program is actually not expensive to develop and implement. Many manufacturers offer products with eco-friendly ingredients that cost about the same as traditional cleaning solutions. When cost is higher, it is offset by factors like increased safety, better performance, and improved indoor air quality. With building cleaning, higher productivity and reduced absenteeism of workers can be added to this list.

A green cleaning program works best when everyone is involved. At home, this means all members of the family. At a commercial location, it means contracted commercial cleaning services or in-house janitorial staff, building management, vendors, occupants, and visitors. Effective communication enables everyone to understand his or her role in the success of the program.

It is usually best to start small when implementing a green cleaning program, expanding as success is realized. Consumers and professional cleaners can measure success by the reduction of toxic cleaning chemicals, cost efficiencies, and reduction or avoidance of health and safety risks. By creating a workable green cleaning program and tracking its impact, people recognize the benefits of this approach.

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