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Busy Bee Office Spring Cleaning

When spring finally arrives, it is easy to focus on the warm temperatures and forget about chores. However, spring is the perfect time to think about office cleaning, as dirt and debris accumulate throughout the year. Setting aside time for office building cleaning is a good way to keep the property in good condition and prevent workers from suffering from illnesses and allergies related to the presence of dust, dirt, and other particles. Although some tasks can be handled by employees, it is best to work with an office cleaning service that employs experienced office cleaning professionals. This helps to ensure that the office is cleaned properly and thoroughly.

Hard Surfaces

Office surfaces take a lot of abuse throughout the year. Food particles, ink/coffee stains, dust, and other blemishes make an office look unkempt and may even put employees’ health at risk. When conducting spring office cleaning, cleaning hard surfaces should be a high-priority task. Remove dust and other particles with a dry cloth before using any cleaning fluids. Then apply cleaning fluid to a soft cloth and wipe all surfaces according to manufacturer recommendations. If possible, use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, as they do not contain the harsh chemicals that trigger asthma attacks and skin irritation. The employees of an office cleaning service will be able to develop a plan for cleaning these surfaces and using appropriate products.

Computer Workstations

Computer workstations are used for many hours each day, so they are likely to have a lot of dirt and dust on them. It is important to clean workstations properly, as using the wrong cleaning methods can result in damage to essential computer components. Office cleaning services employ people who know how to clean workstations without compromising their functionality. Use compressed air to clean computer keyboards and CPU towers. Clean monitors with wipes approved for use on LCD screens, as they will not scratch the screens like other types of wipes. Remember to dust each computer mouse and set of speakers before moving on to the next workstation.

Conference Rooms

Employees spend a lot of time in meeting rooms and conference rooms, so it is likely that food crumbs, scraps of paper, and other types of debris are lurking under the tables. This makes it difficult to keep a clean office environment. Hiring an office cleaning service eliminates the need to take employees away from their regular duties just to clean the conference room. If employees do participate in the spring cleaning process, give them plenty of cleaning cloths and spray cleaners so they can clean and disinfect conference room tables, file cabinets, and chairs. If the floor is carpeted, vacuum it thoroughly. If the floor is a hard surface, hire professional office cleaners to buff it and make it shine. Many office building cleaning services have their own buffers and other equipment used to clean and wax hard floors.

Employee Lunchrooms

The lunchroom is one of the messiest places in an office building. When tackling spring office building cleaning, it is important to clean this room thoroughly. Remove old food from the fridge and wipe the shelves down with a non-toxic cleaner. Professional office cleaners will be able to recommend the right product for this task. If the room has a microwave, ask the office cleaners to clean it and disinfect it. Heating a cup of water inside the microwave produces steam that will loosen stuck-on food particles and make it easier to clean. Instruct the office building cleaning service employees to properly dispose of all trash, disinfect tables and other hard surfaces, and polish the floors.


The restroom is another area that should be the primary focus of an office cleaning service. This is a prime location for bacteria, dirt, dust, and other particles. Offices cleaning professionals should thoroughly disinfect the toilets, sinks, and floors. All paper towel dispensers and toilet paper holders should be refilled and checked to make sure they are in good working order. An office cleaning professional should also refill the hand soap pumps and make sure any automatic air fresheners are still working. Ask the office cleaning service supervisor to use mild cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals that irritate the skin and respiratory system.

File Rooms

File room floors are often littered with scraps of paper and other debris, making them unsafe as well as untidy. This is why cleaning the file room is one of the most important steps in producing a clean office. When using an office cleaning service, it is important to work with the supervisor when planning a file room cleaning. Office cleaning services employees should know not to throw away files or other papers without checking with a manager or other office employee. Since files often contain personal identifying information, make sure the office cleaning service does background checks before hiring employees. When it is time to clean the file room, dust all file cabinets and other hard surfaces. Then wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any additional dirt and dust. Floors should be polished or vacuumed last.

Doors and Windows

Hire an office cleaner who is willing to clean doors and windows, like fingerprints, smudges, and other marks that make glass surfaces look dirty and worn. The office cleaner should use an approved glass cleaner and make sure all surfaces shine once the office building cleaning is complete. Employees should not be charged with the task of cleaning windows, as using improper cleaning techniques could result in expensive damage. Those experienced in cleaning office buildings will know which techniques and products to use for the best results.

Blinds and Draperies

Window blinds and draperies pick up a lot of dirt and dust. Ask office building cleaning service employees to dust the slats of the blinds and vacuum them if necessary. Removing dust makes the blinds look almost new, adding to the overall look and feel of a professional environment. When cleaning office buildings, it is also important to have drapes laundered properly. This may involve working with a cleaning services office that has professional contacts in the dry cleaning industry. Cleaning services office employees may also vacuum drapes with a small vacuum cleaner attachment.

Elevators and Stairwells

The final step in cleaning office buildings is making sure the elevators and stairwells are clean. An office cleaning service should have several employees willing to take on this task. Ask the cleaning services office if cleaning supplies are available, or if they have to be provided to the office building cleaning professionals when they arrive. Office cleaners should sweep dirty stairs, wipe up spills, wipe down elevator doors, clean and disinfect elevator buttons, and perform other cleaning tasks that result in a clean and tidy office. The result is a clean office environment that employees will enjoy.


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