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BUSY BEE NEWS “What’s the Cleaning Buzz?” Issue 50

Music while cleaning is great… at Home

Bust a move... AT HOME!

Bust a move… AT HOME!

A select few love to clean piles of clothes, dusty windows, and disorganized messes in their homes in complete silence. Most like to shake to some Salsa, bob our heads to Drake, and belt out our favorite songs while we transform into busy bees at home. If you don’t already clean your home to the sound of your favorite tunes-please do! You will find that you can get more done at a faster pace and have fun while at it! But please lets keep this great motivating habit at home, and stay professional at work, unlike this cleaner… Once, there was a cleaner that loved music. He would sit on the train blasting his music, while singing along; tapping his feet all the way to work. He would walk into work headphones blasting the sounds of his joy. He even decided to connect his phone to the sound system and listen to music at work. It was after hours and he thought all the employees had gone home for the day. So, he plugged in his music and shook his hips to the beat as he cleaned, since he though he was alone and wouldn’t be a bother to anyone. It just so happened that the company’s’ CEO walked in to give a new client a quick tour of the office space when he found the cleaner putting on a show with his mop in hand, belting out a tune like his life depended on it. Not only was the cleaner embarrassed, but also so was Busy Bee. Although this resulted in only a small complaint, this behavior is not the professional behavior we expect from all of our cleaners. Lets always act professionally, and with integrity, as we are professional cleaners that clean with pride.

Office Busy Bees’- Are Busy Too!

Every Minute is Busy at BUSY BEE!

Every Minute is Busy at BUSY BEE!

Don’t let our comfortable seats fool you! We are constantly working hard for our entire family here at Busy Bee. When you see us, we are all glued to our screens and attached to our phones, responding to phone calls and emails from prospective clients, maintaining good relationships with long-time clients and sometimes even interviewing new cleaners. When you come to pick up your check, we would love to chat but we are working hard to keep our busy bee professional cleaners happy and full of work!

Here is the step by step of a day in the office:

  1. Fatima and Greg, invest into advertising so that potential clients find out about us and want our services. Other times, a current client recommends us based on our fabulous work. (REMEMBER: This is why we always work professionally as one client can provide us with many!)
  2.  As our phones constantly ring, and our inbox fills, our account managers answer and return call and emails: scheduling in person meetings and walk-throughs of the spaces. Walk-throughs allow the client to tell us their requests for the space and for us to decide, what our cleaning professionals will be doing.
  3. While staying in constant contact with our current clients, we are able to attend every need, request and complaint. We attempt to resolve every situation, professionally and diplomatically!
  4. While our account managers run around New York City meet with prospective clients, our office Busy Bees are updating our HR records, answering questions, scheduling meetings, giving cleaners directions, translating instructions, writing our newsletters, etc. We really ALL are Busy at Busy Bee!
  5. Back in the office our account managers prepare a proposal contract for the client based on the information given at the walk-through.
  6. Once the proposal contract has been revised, it is sent to the client!
  7.  After that it is based on the client’s response time and their requests. We have clients that respond quickly and other clients that want specifics outlined in the proposal. We try our best to accommodate all, with some proposals get written more than 3 times!
  8. Once the client approves our proposals we organize and schedule the cleaners and set up with the billing department and our scheduler!
  9. Our best Busy Bees are then selected to the job and you get the call of the new job you will be doing!

We are proud to get these jobs for you but please return the favor!! Keep our name up high and make us extra proud by being on time, reliable, professional and making things extra clean! Know that just as hard as you work on location, we are doing the same for you.

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