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The 11 Best Cleaning Twitter Feeds to Follow

Photo By: Terence S. Jones (Flickr)

Photo By: Terence S. Jones (Flickr)

There are days when my entire house feels completely organized and clean, but soon after I will happen upon a drawer. Inside that drawer is an unorganized mess. That is how cleaning works; you get the job done, and then you do it again. This cycle of scrubbing things again and again has me continually trying out new cleaning and organizing tips. While I have learned most of my cleaning strategies from experience, I often search the Internet for new ideas. The Internet is huge and a quick search leaves you with hundreds of overwhelming results. That is why I enjoy Twitter; it is short tweets of information. Choosing the right people to follow, means you only read what interests you and grabs your attention. Here are some of my favorite Twitter feeds that deal with cleaning.

IHeart Organizing

This blogger mom knows all the tricks to getting everything organized from the garage to the utensil drawers. Whenever she tweets something new, I am always impressed with her creativity.

A Slob Comes Clean

This fun and realistic woman shares her personal experience of cleaning up her home, or as she would call it “deslobication.” Learn and grow with her as she gets her home cleaned.

Organized and Clean

Learn everything from cleaning out the washing machine to organizing your spices. She continually tweets to let you know when she has blogged something new or has come up with another great organizing idea.

Clean Mama

This stay-at-home mom knows everything about cleaning the strange to organizing the ordinary. Her tweets are short and simple with links that lead to her blog.

Clean, Smart, Simple, Style

I am itching to try out some of her cleaning tools and tips; she takes a hard cleaning job and makes it quick and easy.

Green is Clean

I am always interested in learning new things about green living, and this twitter feed does just that. You will get to read tweets on green facts along with tips to cleaning safer and more energy-efficient.

Green Mom

Here is a super-mom who does everything she can to protect her children, and that means cleaning with green products while saving energy and waste. She has some excellent ideas on making your own cleaning products.

Organize and Clean With Sandy

Sandy loves to clean and shares her passion with all her followers. With awesome tips, and even some fun yummy recipes, you can get your home organized and cleaned in no time.

Deliciously Organized

I love cleaning, and this twitter feed definitely fits my appetite for cleaning. With links to her blog, you get tons of information, articles, and pictures for ideas and lessons in cleaning.

Green Clean Coach

I love a twitter feed that gives all the information I need with a single tweet. This coach is constantly linking to new cleaning ideas, but my favorite tweets are the ones that have cleaning recipes.

I’m an Organizing Junkie

This twitter feed will continually keep you updated on quick-cleaning tips, organizing strategies, and links to her blog. She even has an Android app to continually keep you updated and get your own life in order.

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