Neglected Cleaning Tasks: Part 1

Now that you're ready, Let's start!
Now that you’re ready, Let’s start!

Even when you plan ahead, and make a cleaning schedule or checklist there always still seems to be  neglected cleaning tasks. When cleaning your own home, there are some areas you tend to leave so that you can clean them up another day, either due to lack of time or effort. They usually remain neglected until the situation has gotten out of hand so much so that people are beginning to mistake that stack of magazines in the corner as a weird version of a coffee table. You don’t want to get to that level. So make sure to whip out your notebooks and take some notes so you don’t neglect these tasks. I’ll give you a minute to prepare, cause if I didn’t tell you I don’t think you’d notice you were ignoring these tasks.

Wait, I have to clean outdoor chairs?

Take a load off, But clean the chair first!
Take a load off, But clean the chair first!


The furniture on the porch or the deck is seldom cleaned by home owners, if ever.  The furniture is subject to all sorts of weather conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow and so on. If neglected for long the furniture will end up losing its luster and shine, it will fade and probably crack over time. Usually, people put off this task as it requires more than a day to clean all the outdoor furniture. Not only do you need to clean the furniture, you need the wood to be completely dry before you can seal it. Clean and well maintained outdoor furniture will look better and last longer as well.

They Can’t Vent if They are Dirty

Clean vents give clean air!
Clean vents give clean air!

Vents are another area of the house that are usually neglected and remain dirty.  You should clean them at least once a month. Make sure there is nothing blocking these vents. Remove any insulation or objects that prevent cross ventilation. If you have placed vents in your attic, you must ensure free flow of air through them. They should also be thoroughly cleaned to prevent any bacteria from accumulating and spreading diseases in the house. Filters in furnaces and air conditioning units need to be changed or cleaned regularly. A truly filthy filter can cause a system to waste energy, which will cause energy bills to spike as the system needs to work harder than it should. In truly bad cases, a clogged filter can cause a system to not work at all and can even pose a fire hazard.  The length of time you can go between changes varies based on how much you use the furnace or air conditioner and the size of filter you are using, but a general rule of thumb is to schedule the change every 1-2 months.

The Septic Tank, but this is for Professionals 

Yup, the professionals can handle this dirty job...
Yup, the professionals can handle this dirty job…

It’s very important that a septic tank be cleaned out two or three years, depending on the size of the household and the size of your tank.The septic tank only comes to your attention once the problem is out of hand. A septic system that fails might have to be completely replaced as solid waste is emptied into the drainage field.You should check for any solids that are present and have them removed. All scum needs to be removed as well. The system can also overflow if not properly emptied, causing major damage to your home and yard.  Either problem can cost tens of thousands of dollars and can present a health hazard. Cleaning out the septic tank needs to be done by a professional company, so it’s a smart idea to make a note or keep a log of how long it’s been since your last cleaning.  This will help you remember when to make the necessary appointment before you run into problems. Opening up a septic tank and being exposed to its gases can be fatal, so specialist care is required.  Many people forget about cleaning the septic tank, forgetting how vulnerable your family can be to diseases.

It can become a “Hairy” Situation

ewww, I know that came from my head but still.
ewww, I know that came from my head but still.

Even though we regularly clean out our showers and tubs, the drain is one area that we usually neglect. If you notice that the water in your bath tub or shower is not draining fast enough, then most probably the drains are clogged. The water may flow back as well if the drain is in a bad situation. To prevent such problems, it is better to clean your drain beforehand. You can either pour boiling hot water over the drain, or add baking soda and vinegar to it. You may also use a hanger to unclog it.

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