Cleaning Up After The Building Independence Day Or Summer BBQ Bash

Janitorial workers spend days getting commercial buildings into tip-top shape for an Independence Day party or summer barbecue event. Hard floors are sparkling, carpets look brand new, and surfaces are free of debris. Despite all this effort, after the party is over, it may look like a bomb exploded. Used plates, cups, and napkins strewn about, carpet caked with dirt, and floors that are scuffed and scratched are the typical aftermath.

With janitorial services occupied in other parts of the building, some facility managers contact an outside company to handle party cleanup. They realize that letting the mess sit will only create more problems. In addition, in-house staff may not have the equipment or expertise to handle issues like removing wine stains from carpets or getting scratches out of marble floors.

If the building must be open for business the next day, the facility manager should find a cleaning company that works after hours. By scheduling the commercial cleaning services in advance, the manager ensures that the building will be back to its original condition the next day. Those who attended the celebration will be amazed when they cross the threshold the next morning.

Hosting a summer party can be difficult but cleaning up after it is even more challenging because the mess can be both indoors and outdoors. Party guests may have littered the building grounds with cups and plates. Cleaning workers must collect this debris before sweeping the area and wiping down outdoor surfaces like picnic tables. The debris may carry over to inside the building, where it must be removed before floors and other surfaces can be cleaned.

Restrooms are typically in bad condition after a party but cleaning professionals are expected to make them shine. A clean and sanitized restroom reduces bacteria and odor issues that can create an unpleasant environment. Cleaning restrooms does not need to involve harsh chemicals and a HAZMAT suit. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions can be just as effective as chemical-based products that pollute the air and damage the ecosystem and power wash tile restrooms to remove mold and mildew from the grout.

Once the cleaning company has finished with the building, the structure will look brand new. There will be no evidence of the party and every surface will be cleaned and sanitized. Without the expertise and diligence exhibited by cleaning professionals, this would not be possible. Facility managers who take post-party cleanup seriously ensure that tenants will renew their leases.

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