A College Student’s Guide to Keeping the Dorm Room Clean

A College Student’s Guide to Keeping the Dorm Room Clean

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When attending college involves living in a dorm, you will probably be on your own for the first time. Most dorm rooms are small, and you will likely have a roommate sharing your space with you, which might take some getting used to. Getting and staying organized will be crucial so you can avoid messes. You’ll also want to maximize your room space by arranging furniture strategically. You can transform a dull dorm space into a personalized living area that you can enjoy calling yours for the school year.

The Importance of Organization

You may have heard that dorm rooms are tiny, but until you try to cram all of your belongings and your roommate’s belongings into one, you may not have realized just how small your living area will be. Organization will be mandatory to control the clutter and to make sure that you can find everything you need. It’s also helpful to approach your dorm life in minimalist fashion. Make sure that you only bring things you absolutely need to college with you. The less stuff you have, the less you’ll have to organize and find a place to store in your dorm room. Prioritize your study and school materials, and keep your desk uncluttered and organized. Designate a spot for all of your materials. Use magazine keepers and paper trays to hold your notebooks and assignments. Hang a calendar on the wall by your desk and write down all of your assignments and appointments on it. Keep a charging station on your desk to keep your devices neat and powering up when you’re not using them. And declutter your desk daily so you always have a neat work space.

Tips for Living in a Small Space

One of the main ways to succeed at dorm living is to choose items and furnishings that do double-duty. Anytime you can get more than one type of use out of something, it saves space. For example, an ottoman with interior storage not only serves as a great spot to stow items, but it’s also a comfortable seat. Some coffee tables and side tables also feature interior storage under the table surface. Use every inch of free space for storage, including under the beds and on the walls. Consider putting your bed on risers so you have extra room underneath it for storage. You can also make useful shelves for your walls, hanging the shelves with hooks that won’t damage the walls. Maximize your closet space by hanging three or four garments on each hanger. You can get special hooks that attach to hangers that enable you to stack several hangers below the top one that hangs on the closet rod. A hanging shoe organizer is also helpful for keeping your shoes up and out of the way.

You and Your Roommate

You and your roommate will be spending a lot of time together. Whether you already knew each other or you met as you both arrived on campus to move in, it will be important for the two of you to work together to live harmoniously. It usually helps to have a conversation in the beginning to set a few ground rules. This is the time to talk about sharing items, cleaning responsibilities, quiet times, and having friends in the room. It can also be helpful to learn about you and your roommate’s likes and dislikes; you may even find that you share common interests and quirks. If a conflict arises, the two of you should discuss the issue together to resolve it. Open communication is the best way to address a problem and work toward a solution. If you can’t resolve a conflict, you can ask an adviser to help you sort through the issues. You and your roommate could become best friends, or you may just be two people who share the same living space for a school year. Either way, you will need to find a way to live together positively and respectfully.

Scheduling Tasks

Keeping your dorm room neat and organized will involve some work. You and your roommate should discuss cleaning responsibilities and how often they should be done. For example, taking out the trash might need to be a daily job. You might trade days, with each of you taking out the trash every other day. It’s also best not to allow laundry to accumulate, so you might discuss how frequently you both should wash your clothes. Making beds every day, washing dishes, cleaning out the microwave and refrigerator, keeping desks neat, and controlling the clutter will also help keep your dorm room pleasant and comfortable for both of you.

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