What Is Steam Cleaning

Some people mistakenly refer to carpet cleaning as steam cleaning. In reality, machines designed for cleaning carpets usually use heated water rather than steam to perform wet extraction. Steam machines heat water to a vapor, using far less liquid than a machine used to clean carpets. Water consumption is measured in terms of quarts per hour, compared to gallons per minute for carpet cleaners.

Steam vapor machines clean and sanitize surfaces with steam. Since only about four to six percent water is used, these surfaces dry quickly. Steam cleaning is effective enough to sterilize a surface because water is heated to such a high temperature, reaching between 240 and 310 degrees Fahrenheit. Many commercial cleaning services use vapor steam cleaners for residential or commercial cleaning. Consumers can purchase cheaper portable versions for cleaning surfaces like stoves.

Since chemical solutions are not used during steam cleaning, the process is often referred to as eco-friendly. With the ability to kill germs and even disinfect, it is becoming more popular. Steam vapor is even known to kill dust mites that live in upholstery, bedding, and carpet. Vapor steam cleaners are suitable for hypoallergenic environments because they promote better indoor air quality due to the omission of chemicals.

Steam can combat viruses, bacteria, and mold. Cleaners that use steam come in two versions based on how steam is created within the equipment. A dry and hot cleaner boils water and features low humidity. A humid and cooler cleaner without a boiler generates steam without boiling water. Commercial cleaning services often opt for the boiler-fed system because it creates more heat, leaves less moisture, and does not need chemicals. The higher temperature equates to less scrubbing and kills bacteria and germs.

Experts are divided on whether steam cleaners are beneficial. One thing they do agree on is that these products reduce the time needed to clean many surfaces. However, traditional elbow grease can accomplish the same result at a much lower cost. On the other hand, many of the conventional methods require the use of chemicals that can be dangerous to people and the environment.

Not to be confused with equipment designed for carpet cleaning, steam vapor cleaners heat water to easily clean surfaces. Professional cleaners use this equipment to clean and sanitize kitchen and bathroom areas, reducing the need for scrubbing. Consumers can find portable steam cleaners online and in stores. Cleaning with steam is a good choice for anyone who wants to go chemical-free.

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