How Technology Can Assist With Spring Cleaning ?

Using technology for spring cleaning

Have you ever wondered how technology can assist with spring cleaning? Each spring, millions of people throw open the windows and literally begin cleaning house. They vacuum screens and carpets, wipe glass, scrub floors, give the house a through dusting. This manual labor has been performed for hundreds of years but technology now offers some assistance. A smartphone or computer can help organize, schedule, and maintain the cleaning process.

The Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule app for the Apple iPhone breaks household chores into small tasks, one of which is handled each day. The checklist rotates, guiding users through each household chore and starting again once the list is completed. For just 99 cents, iPhone users can download this app and keep the home clean for years.

Those with Android phones can download the Organizing Your Home app, which features tips and methods for getting rid of unneeded clutter throughout the house. The app features a room-by-room approach to cleaning, allowing users to break down the process and handle one room at a time. This is a convenient approach, as a different family member can perform the tasks required within a single room, allowing children to participate by cleaning their own room.

House Maintenance Schedule is a free download for Android phones. This calendar application allows users to log the date of regular cleaning that should be completed. Reminders can be scheduled regarding due dates and the next chore on the list. Tasks outside the typical cleaning jobs are also included, like changing the lawn mower oil, inspecting fire extinguishers, and changing batteries in the smoke detector.

The wonders of technology turn the average household into a professional cleaning service. These are just a few applications designed to keep residents on track with their cleaning duties. You no longer need to worry about forgetting to clean the lint from the dryer because there is an app to remind you to do it!

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