Commercial Waxing Makes Floors Shine

While waxing the floors of a home is simple, the same cannot be said of waxing floors in commercial locations. These areas see heavy foot traffic throughout the day, making it necessary to perform the task outside of peak operating hours. The square footage is usually much larger than that of a typical home, causing the job to take hours or even days instead of minutes. Commercial cleaning services follow several guidelines to make the job easier.

This project requires as little interruption as possible, making late night or early morning hours the most convenient. If the building is open 24-7, the area being waxed should be closed off to the public or a quick-dry wax should be used. Airport terminals, hospitals, and college buildings present the biggest challenges when it comes to commercial floor waxing. In all cases, signs help keep people out of the work area, preventing accidents and contributing to the best results.

In addition to posting signs, wet-floor stands and safety cones are recommended. Stripping the existing coat of wax from the floor is the first step in the waxing process. This prevents dirt and debris from creating an uneven floor coating or causing discoloration. A commercial wax stripping product is used to strip the covering. A wet mop is used to remove this solution and clean the floor.

The edges of the floor are then scrubbed with a brush and a putty knife is used to remove wax from corners. Some janitorial services use auto-scrubber equipment to scrub the floor with clean water. A flexible floor wax designed for high-traffic areas is usually suitable for most commercial floors. In sensitive laboratory or hospital environments, slip-resistant wax that meets James Static Friction Tester requirements must be used.

Wax is applied to small sections of the floor at a time. After the entire floor has been covered with wax, the area is allowed to dry. Up to six more applications take place before the floor is considered finished and ready for foot traffic after it has dried. Cleaning workers make sure they have enough wax on hand to apply as many layers as needed.

Floor strippers and waxes contain chemicals so workers usually wear protective gear and exercise caution. Once the wax has dried, area rugs, furniture, and other items can be replaced. Commercial properties go through this routine one or more times each year to keep different hard floor surfaces looking like new.



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