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Job for the Honest (Part I) – By Ricky

Job for the Honest – By Ricky

English: Do not expect me to write fancy articles in this weather…it’s too hot!

When the sun is getting crazy instead of going to next place to clean I feel temptation just to play hooky and go to the beach and sun bathe.

That’s why I will share with you only few thoughts about well-known subject already covered in the previous newsletters. Subject? The New Yorker Hotel.

There are many perspectives from which I can write about the New Yorker Hotel. I could write about its rich historical past or the dynamic interpersonal relationships between the people there. But I will not dwell on this as Maria has already given us excellent insight into those areas. However one thing is certain, I work there and I know this place from the point of view of a cleaner. This subject is not foreign to many of you as you may have cleaned to New Yorker hotel rooms for turnover when the students leave on vacation.

I’m sure you have learned from this experience it pays to be a quick cleaner but a good cleaner as here you get paid by the room. So learning how to clean well and clean quickly makes you an extra buck.

When I was working there the hallways were covered wall to wall in carpet! (Ok maybe not wall to wall but there was a lot of carpet.) However our little Eureka vacuums kept dying on the job. It seemed like every week I was calling the Busy Bee office to inform them of another tragic passing or a grave injury suffered by one of our little Eureka vacuums. The cause of tragedy, most of the time, being a broken belt from being overworked.

I mean great admiration should be bestowed upon a cleaner who works in this carpeted place without a vacuum for five days without a single complaint. Clearly if such a cleaner existed he would boast about how working without a vacuum is a very difficult and requires tremendous cleaning talent, especially when there are 100 rooms one each floor.

I hope no one assumes the boss is psychic and she will be able to know that the vacuum is broken.

Thankfully Fatima purchased for us a professional, elegant, lightweight sensitive vacuum so that I could better vacuum these carpeted floors. Alas, they changed the carpet…and they transferred me to another location.

Working with this vacuum was a piece of cake compared to what I have to use now.




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