Job for the Honest (Part III) – By Ricky

Phones in the New Yorker Hotel

English:  If you want to feel free at the New Yorker Hotel and by that I mean not get any phone calls, then STAY AWAY from the 16th floor. This is where you can get the best cellphone reception.  This way you can avoid phone calls from the office and the boss, asking where you are.

Generally the reception in the hotel is really bad, on some floors you can’t even talk on the phone. But Lady Ela knows about this best as she is constantly trying to reach all of us when we are working there.

On the other hand, I digress shortly…

So, why is it that we don’t call the office back or pick up their phone calls? Or why don’t we text them back?

Oh come one…we are all guilty of this.

And now the usual excuses, I mean very good reasons why:

  1. No reception!
  2. I can’t answer because the owner of the office is staring at me.
  3. I was working all night and I’m in the bed, still sleepy (and they keep calling me and bothering, maybe they want me to do something extra and I really don’t feel like it.)
  4. I have enough I don’t want them to add anything else to my schedule
  5. If I take this job there will just be more complaints that something is wrong.
  6. I feel blue and I don’t talk to anybody.
  7. I don’t know this number and I don’t talk to strangers.
  8. I don’t like to talk to them and I get stressed when the boss calls me.
  9. Give me a break I’m working as my schedule says and I don’t like any changes
  10. I’m angry with them because last time the client canceled the service and nobody told me about this and I had to wait for my next job for 3 hours!
  11. I didn’t sober up from yesterday’s birthday party.
  12. I’m not at work right now, I don’t want them to find out I played hooky from work.

OK, back to the New Yorker.

It is very easy to be neglectful of your job at the New Yorker because there isn’t that as much supervision and most of the time everyone is very nice and you don’t even know if you are messing up. We have lost many of our best Busy Bee employees at the New Yorker hotel because they become complacent, slack on their job and are let go. They simply didn’t have enough self-control to remain diligent about their work when they weren’t being checked on every 5 minutes.

Apparently a lot of us need to be babysat by our bosses like kids and may need a good spanking once in a while like your father or mother would when you misbehave. So if you are responsible, have the right work ethic and want to do well for yourself and feel fulfilled, this job is for you! If you need to be watched all the time and you think your lack of work ethic will go unnoticed, and you think it’s a good idea to sleep in the storage room….be careful. If you think you can do this now ,later on you will lose your job like others before you have for slacking off.

If someone puts you on this job it means Busy Bee and EHS trusts you and you shouldn’t betray this trust!

 So enough with my reflection piece on the New Yorker hotel where I worked and enjoyed working Ha! Ha! Now do you think this inside scoop on the New Yorker hotel is enough to make me less liked by everyone? I hope not!

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