Keeping Your Workspace Clean Between Official Cleanings

dirty officeWhen employers cut back on expenses, commercial cleaning services are often the first to go. With the cleaning company paying less frequent visits to the office, employees must take more responsibility for keeping their workspace presentable. By keeping your workplace clean all daily tasks, and workers keep the office looking professional and make cleanup a less daunting job for the professionals.

Most offices are filled with paper and whatever is not ready for recycling tends to pile up everywhere. Clients and other visitors do not want to see stacks of paper on employee desks, shelves, or on the floor. File papers as you finish dealing with them rather than piling them up to file later. Otherwise, the end of the workday will come and large piles of paper will create a time-consuming project.

Office desks tend to harbor more than just paper. They serve as landing ground for everything from folders to binders of reference material. Some employees use their desks as mini kitchen counters, storing coffee pots and a small pantry there. When the desk surface becomes cluttered, clean it off. This makes things easier to find, increasing productivity. After cleaning the surface, organize drawers and shelves. When cleaning staff arrive, they will be able to dust off the desktop and move along.

Everything in the workspace should have a designated spot because this makes items easier to find. Labeling is an easy way to keep files and folders organized. Getting into the routine of putting work materials away after using them makes decluttering the workspace a fast and easy task. Regularly purge items from desk drawers, filing cabinets, and shelving systems to make room for new materials.

Workers rely on computers to get things done and this equates to substantial time in front of the screen. By the end of the day, the monitor may contain splashes of food and the keyboard might be hiding crumbs from a lunchtime sandwich. Use electronic wipes to clean the computer, telephone, and ten-key calculator at the end of each workday. This prevents a buildup of debris and keeps the equipment germ-free.

Though promotional magnets, picture frames, and calendars are fun to receive, do not decorate the workspace with them. Use only what is needed and share the rest with co-workers. Knowing when to pass up free promos keeps the workspace clean and tidy. Office cleaning staff will appreciate not having to navigate around these chotchkies on the desk while they are dusting.

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