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Post New Year’s Eve Cleanup

With the holidays looming, people are wrapping up their shopping and turning the focus to New Year’s Eve. Many will play host on this night, welcoming in 2012 with friends and family. Though the planning and reveling are fun, the post-event cleanup usually is not. Despite this, party hosts should have a plan for dealing with the aftermath of their New Year’s Eve celebration.

The easiest route is to hire one of the local commercial cleaning services to do the work. This allows the party host to sleep off the champagne hangover and then watch some football. Commercial cleaners will handle everything, including wiping windows, sanitizing bathrooms, and carpet cleaning. If food or beverages have spilled on the carpet, they can give it a deep cleaning to remove these stains and refresh the pile.

It is not difficult to find commercial cleaning services that service the local area. Friends and neighbors should have recommendations and the phone book and Internet are other resources. Calling a few  companies to compare service packages and prices is recommended. Good companies provide a free quote with a comprehensive list of included services, allowing consumers to make a well-informed decision.

Party hosts who choose to go it alone may have their work cut out for them. Having a few volunteers stay behind after the party ends makes things much easier. Each person can tackle a certain area in the home and the job will be more fun because the group can bond in the process. Party cleanup will proceed more quickly and seem like a less tedious chore. The host can provide bottles of wine or leftovers as a thank-you for the help.

Whoever has the task of carpet cleaning should assess the area before taking action. If the carpet has food debris and beverage stains, these should be removed before the area is vacuumed. Using the correct cleaning solution prevents the stains from becoming permanent. Once the area has dried, the carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed to remove any debris trapped in the fibers.

With the guests gone and the house cleaned by a team of professionals or a group of guests, the host can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Then, it is off to the mall to return unwanted Christmas gifts and buy a tall cup of coffee. As 2012 begins, so can the party planning for next year’s bash, which is bound to be the best one yet.

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