Commercial Cleaning For Hotels

Hotels represent temporary homes for business and personal travelers. If these facilities are not clean, guests are bound to complain and will not likely become repeat customers. To keep hotel patrons coming back, some hotel chains use commercial cleaning services. Professional cleaners assume the role of the housekeeping staff and more, addressing everything from basic to complex issues. They may be retained either on an ongoing basis or for a predetermined period.

Hotel management constantly focuses on the safety, security, and cleanliness of the facility. They either hire staff to maintain the appearance of the hotel or retain one of the local commercial cleaning services for the job. Cleaning company workers are skilled in everything from keeping hotel rooms clean to janitorial services that include specialized tasks like pressure washing. They work within the hours and timeframe designated in writing by the hotel client as part of the written cleaning contract.

Included in housekeeping services for occupied rooms are making the bed, trash pickup, cleaning floors and carpets, cleaning restrooms, and lightly dusting room surfaces. After a guest checks out of a room, workers change bed sheets and disinfect restrooms to prepare the room for the next guest. Hotel management should inspect the work to make sure that cleaners are exceeding expectations. Any inadequacies found should be addressed immediately to prevent hotel guests from being affected.

Hotels see a lot of traffic and this means that basic cleaning is not enough to maintain their appearance. It is easy for tile grout to get dirty in these establishments. Mildew or mold can create grout stains in bathrooms and food stains, grime, mildew, and heavy use can make kitchen grout dirty. Janitorial services like pressure washing make kitchen and bathroom areas look brand new.

Bedbugs have become an epidemic and hotels are expected to be kept cleaner than a home. Professional cleaners use techniques designed to rid the hotel of any bedbugs that are present and keep these creatures from returning. Guests can rest assured that when they pack their bags to head home, no unwelcome travelers are hitching a ride with them.

Using a cleaning company rather than on-site housekeeping staff is something hotel management should consider. In some cases, it is a more cost-effective approach to keeping the establishment clean. Professional cleaners can perform the roles of both housekeepers and facility janitors, providing twice the bang for the cleaning bucks.

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