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Hard Floor Care Has Become A Major Commercial Cleaning Opportunity

Building managers are used to calling commercial cleaning services to clean carpets. However, when it comes to hard floors, they often let in-house staff tackle the job. Unfortunately, these workers are typically not trained in the proper techniques. Using a professional cleaning company to handle hard floor cleaning ensures the best results.

When an unskilled cleaning approach is taken, building workers and visitors take notice of the unattractive flooring surfaces and are less than proud of the appearance of the facility. Cleaning company owners have begun realizing that hard floor care is a profitable venture. Workers are being trained in the latest techniques for cleaning and sealing grout and tile, stone, marble, laminate, and wood floor surfaces.

For companies that specialize in carpet cleaning, hard floor care is a natural extension of services. It represents an excellent way to generate new income and encourage repeat business. The profit potential and bill rate for hard floor care are much more attractive than are those of carpet cleaning. Over the last decade, carpet sales have declined by at least 20 percent. Stone, laminate, ceramic, and wood floors are becoming more popular with commercial customers. Companies specializing in carpet cleaning must diversify their services to survive in this changing marketplace.

In its July 2010 issue, Floor Covering Weekly reported the market share of install floor surface products. Rugs and carpeting represented 37 percent of the market, while ceramic tile had a 24 percent market share. Resilient tile and sheet goods held 15 percent of the market, wood represented 12 percent, and laminates tied with stone and marble for six percent market share each. The large percentage of hard flooring represents a great opportunity for commercial cleaning companies.

Based on U.S. census data, there are 4.7 million commercial buildings in this country, occupying 67.3 billion square feet of space. With 7.9 million potential business customers, there are more than enough for commercial cleaners to share. The vast array of hard floor surfaces offers cleaning professionals a diverse experience. Different types of materials are even being combined to create a single floor.

Though the work may not always be easy, it is interesting. Cleaning professionals are dealing with irregularly shaped floors featuring metal inlays and surrounded by other hard surfaces or carpeting. Porcelain and ceramic tile, stone, and vinyl are increasing in popularity, while wood remains a top choice. Cleaning companies may find themselves dealing with these and more hard floor surfaces in the future.

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