Remove Odors Instead Of Masking Them

Janitorial services take different approaches with odor control based on the environment. Though product fragrances may vary, odor removal is recommended over merely masking the odor. It involves regularly identifying and removing the source of the odor using a product designed for odor control, while keeping cleaning equipment clean.

Odor control products designed for use in schools differ from those designed for industrial facilities or commercial offices. In a commercial office building, floor drains are large sources of odor. When the drain traps dry out, sewer gasses may be allowed through, traveling back into the building. A cleaning solution should be poured down these drains each day to remove odors from the p-trap.

The correct method of odor control within an industrial environment is based on the facility and what is produced there. Schools tend to have odors created by urine, making it important to clean urinals and toilets each night. Urine odors can also stem from grout and floors, which must be frequently cleaned. Matting can be placed around toilets and urinals to remove urine odors but this should be replaced weekly, at the least.

Odor control fragrance varies by environment, with schools typically opting for a citrus fragrance, while a fresh scent is used in office buildings and a vanilla scent is commonly used in industrial facilities. While occupants appreciate a nice fragrance, the scent should not be used to mask odor because it will not address the source of the problem. The first step in controlling odor is to get rid of the source of it. Daily disinfecting of restroom surfaces minimizes odor and bacteria.

Just because disinfectant cleaning products are used does not mean they will be effective. Spraying a disinfectant onto a surface and wiping the area is not enough. The product must remain on the surface for the recommended dwell time. Cleaning frequency is also important, especially in high-traffic areas. For example, if restrooms are the source of odors, they may need to be cleaned throughout the day.

Sources of odor can lead to development of mold and mildew. If facilities are forced to reduce their cleaning budgets, odor control problems worsen. Skipping a day of cleaning provides time for bacteria to grow. Wastebaskets, restrooms, and food preparation areas must be cleaned regularly to prevent odor development. Though odor control products and procedures should be tailored to the work environment, nothing is better at removing odors than frequent, thorough cleaning.

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