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Summertime Is Ideal For Complete School Cleaning

Schools in Manhattan and around the country have let out for summer break. Teachers have packed up their classrooms for the summer, making it easier for a complete cleaning to take place. All over the country, janitorial services are getting ready to give schools their annual comprehensive cleaning. By the time the school doors open in the fall, the building will look brand new.

In some cases, this project is too big for cleaning staff to handle themselves so they contract with a cleaning company for increased manpower. Whether the job is divided by task or geography, the goal is to clean the entire school before the summer ends. Teachers will be setting up their classrooms in late August and early September so the window of opportunity is very limited. Though swift action is required, the work must also be very thorough.

Many schools in Manhattan have complete recreational facilities indoors due to outdoor space restrictions. The cleaning company selected should have workers skilled in cleaning these areas without damaging floor surfaces or fixed equipment. Finding out whether a cleaning company has handled this type of job in the past allows a school to make an informed decision about which cleaner to use. It is also recommended that the school check several educational references because having to replace items due to a faulty job can be quite costly.

Floor cleaning, waxing, and buffing are some of the major janitorial services performed during the summer. Desks, area rugs, and portable furniture are usually removed from classrooms so the entire floor can be cleaned. After the floor is buffed, the furniture is replaced in the room, where teachers can rearrange it to their liking for the upcoming school year.

Summer cleaning in schools also involves wiping down chalkboards, cleaning and disinfecting lavatories, and window washing. Cafeterias are cleaned and disinfected so they will be in sanitary condition when they are once again in use. Computer rooms and specialized areas like art studios and wood and metal shops must also be cleaned, with the utmost care being taken not to disrupt anything.

It is no small task to thoroughly clean a school. With the combined effort of the school cleaning staff and a professional janitorial service, the job is made easier. Each person has an assigned task and when everyone does the job correctly, classrooms and specialized areas are sparkling clean and ready for the students.

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