Keeping Sponges Longer

By: Gosheshe (Flickr)
By: Gosheshe (Flickr)

Think of the dirtiest place in your house. Now imagine rubbing your dishes, food, or hands in that place before eating. Sounds disgusting right? When I think of a germ-infested spot in my house, my mind automatically takes me to the garbage can or inside the toilet. I would never touch those areas without immediately washing my hands afterward. Yet, people continually scrub the counters, wash dishes, and clean with one of the dirtiest things in the house; the sponge. Without properly sanitizing your sponge, you might be spreading bacteria around your house. You don’t have to toss the sponge after using it once, but by cleaning it appropriately you can keep using it longer.

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But I Need My Sponge!

Sponges are one of my necessary instruments for cleaning the kitchen. It helps scrub down the counters and remove food quickly. I want my sponges to last as long as possible but still be sanitary, safe, and odor-free. A great way to clean your sponge safely and eliminate mildew odors is to pour lemon juice or vinegar on it. Allow it to sit and absorb the liquids for five minutes before rinsing it. A stronger and more powerful cleaner is bleach. All three cleaners work great at deodorizing sponges and killing a good amount of bacteria, but none of them get all the germs. Placing your sponge wet, with vinegar or lemon juice, in the microwave for 30-60 seconds, or running it in the dishwasher, will kill 99.9% of all the bacteria.

In Conclusion

A few years back, a study came out concluding that some sponges contain more bacteria than the toilet bowl. Disgusted, people ran to the store for new ones and began tossing used ones weekly and even daily. It may be tempting to run to your kitchen and rid it of all sponges, but throwing away a dirty sponge is wasteful when it can be easily cleaned in the microwave and soaked in vinegar. By sanitizing your sponges every single day, you can make them last longer, save money, and cut back on garbage waste.

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