Methods of Getting Rid of Tough Soap Scum

go_greener_oz (flickr)
go_greener_oz (flickr)

The bathroom in our home is cleaned weekly, but even after a good cleaning, soap scum and hard water stains are still seen on the glass. It can be frustrating to wipe down the doors with cleaner and still have them look cloudy and speckled. Hard water has minerals in it and as the water splashes onto surfaces it begins to evaporate leaving the minerals behind. Then when you wash your hands, the soap sticks to the water deposits, creating a thick residue that is difficult to wipe off with just any cleaner. Knowing the right products, means you can have your shower looking new again.

One of the healthiest and safest products you can test on your shower is something found right in your kitchen cupboard. Grab a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar’s acidic base will immediately begin breaking down the dirt and soap scum and you won’t have to worry about fumes or children around the home. Another safe product is dryer sheets. It might seem strange to use these, but after getting them damp and rubbing them along the surface, the soap will break away with a little extra scrubbing. For thicker build-up and water residue, stronger cleaners are recommended. Lime away is the cleaner Martha Stewart swears by and it works great at getting rid of both thick scum and heavy water stains. Magic erasers are my go-to for getting difficult areas clean and preventing scratching the glass. After choosing a cleaner, try using it immediately after a warm shower or bath. The hot water and steam helps soften the soap and will save your arms from a lot of heavy scrubbing.

Once I have spent time scrubbing off all the soap scum, I try to prevent heavy build-up by wiping down the shower after each use. A quick spray of a vinegar solution helps the shower stay sparkling clean every day. I understand wiping down the shower can be difficult to fit in a tight schedule, so buying a rain repellant can prevent water minerals and soap from sticking to surfaces. Regularly cleaning off water residue will prevent soap from sticking to it and make it quicker to wipe down. The thicker the scum, the harder it will be to clean in the future.

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