Make Office Workstation Cleaning A Priority

Office cleanliness is important, even for a business that does not receive visitors or customers. Some companies have their own cleaning staff, while others contract with commercial cleaning services for the work. In either case, employees should learn how to help keep the office clean. When everyone plays a role, the space will be sanitary and tidy on a daily basis.

Employees can help a great deal by keeping their workspace, which includes their desks, workstations, and cubicles or offices, clean. Employers should send the message that each employee is responsible for his or her workspace and should keep it clean and clutter-free at all times. If you have ever encountered a messy workspace, you know what a health and safety hazard it can be, in addition to an eyesore.

Eating at desks should not be permitted and employees should wash their hands after returning from lunch, breaks, and the restroom. According to a recent study, when employees are permitted to eat at their desks, their computer keyboard becomes a bacteria gathering ground. This can increase the transmission of cold and flu viruses throughout the office. Employers should conduct a random review to ensure that employee workstations are clean and sanitary. Employees with unkempt work areas should be penalized.

Commercial cleaning services often do not clean keyboards or phones, unless specifically requested by the customer. When requesting these services, customers should verify that the proper cleaning products will be used. Electrical equipment should not be cleaned with a polish or general cleaner. If the wrong product is used, a component may be damaged or rendered unusable, costing the company additional money.

Just because an area is unseen to the casual observer does not mean it is clean. The drawers of employee workstations can hold some very interesting items. Many employees store food in their drawers, which can lead to insect or rodent infestations. Cleaning products should be used to wipe down drawers that have accumulated dust, dirt, or other residue. Paperwork should be kept off the desktop and stored in files and folders within these drawers.

Encouraging employees to recycle while cleaning their workspace makes a positive environmental impact. Workers should have bins for paper, bottles, and cans under their desk and empty these into office recycling bins each day. Employees who internalize these good habits practice them when in common areas like restrooms, conference rooms, and office dining spaces.

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