Natural Methods to Clean Hardwood Floors

You probably receive many compliments about your hardwood floors, especially if they are the original version included with your older home. As with any flooring surface, you need to clean hardwood floors to keep them looking great and extend their lifetime. This is where many people get confused because they have no idea what products to use. Did you know there are natural methods to clean hardwood floors?

Though hardwood floors may be good for your health and the planet, they sure do get dirty easily. Commercial products will give the floor a thorough cleaning and may even provide some sealant. However, you can get equally great results (and save money) by cleaning hardwood floors with natural products you have in your cabinets.

If your floor is sealed, get out a bucket, fill it with warm water, and add a bit of vinegar. Mop the floor with this solution, wringing out excess water from the mop before using it on the floor. This will clean the floor and if you prefer a streak-free look, you should dry the area with a towel before it has a chance to dry on its own.

To provide a sealed floor with an excellent shine, combine one part vegetable oil with one part white vinegar. Get a rag and rub this mixture on the floor as if you were waxing your car. The resulting shine is incredible and will last for a while. If your natural wood floor is unsealed, spread on linseed oil using a rag, allow it to soak into the floor, and then use some more oil to mop the floor.

Natural products from Seventh Generation and Method are also available to clean hardwood floors. If you are not the mixing type but want to be eco-friendly, try one of these. They cost more but do not harm the planet. Whichever you use, the floor will look brand new and the compliments will continue flowing.


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