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Post-Construction Cleanup

Contractors Can Use Cleaning Services To Assist With Post-Construction Cleanup

Though the housing market continues to struggle, new construction is still occurring. In some cases, homeowners are finding it more affordable to tear down and rebuild on their existing lots. Others are choosing to remodel or expand their residences rather than selling their homes and moving. These situations create much-needed business for construction companies.

During a construction project, a lot of debris is created and the place may look like a war zone after the work is completed. Cleaning is not something that most contractors enjoy doing and hiring a cleaning service proves to be an attractive alternative. Residential or commercial cleaning following construction is something that an established cleaning service may provide at a reasonable price.

This work involves much more than cleaning, as all construction debris, boxes, tarps, tape, nails, and other waste must be removed. All surfaces are washed to get rid of dust or dirt generated during construction. If new appliances, counters, or cabinets were installed, their protective covering and labels are removed. Any stainless steel surfaces are washed and polished, even if these were not newly installed.

Removing dust from hard to reach areas like light fixtures, ductwork, ceilings, walls, and vents is important. Dust is also removed from door tracks and frames, counters, appliances, cabinets, and windowsills and frames. In itself, the window cleaning process is very involved, as any remaining joint compound or paint on the glass must be carefully removed prior to removing dirt from the tracks and cleaning the glass.

If this is a commercial cleaning job, office furniture is dusted. The floored and tiled areas are swept, mopped, and scrubbed and the carpet is vacuumed and spot cleaned. All kitchen and bathroom surfaces are sanitized to provide a hygienic environment. At the request of the customer, the workers will also wax and buff the floors and tile.

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