Cleaning Places Of Worship

Every week, many of us head off to places of worship to cleanse our souls. Though these buildings see heavy foot traffic on a regular basis, they always appear clean. We usually do not think about how that comes to pass. Cleaning duties are not written into the job description for the clergy and the deity is not going to dust and vacuum the establishment. The work falls to cleaning services that specialize in techniques that make any place of worship look brand new.

When considering professional cleaning companies, church staff reviews what each offers in terms of customer service, communication, and cleaning products, equipment, and methods. The vendor must be able to clean hard surfaces as well as carpets. Restroom cleaning, dusting, and window washing should be included in the standard list of tasks.

Events are frequently held at places of worship so the cleaning company must know how to clean up after these gatherings. Cleaning services with seven day per week availability are more likely to secure contracts with places of worship. Sunday is one of the busiest days at a church so cleaners must be available to clean the area before and after each service. When an event or service draws a large crowd, day porters ensure that bathroom supplies do not run low.

Many worshippers sit in pews and handle doorknobs and public telephones. Cleaning workers should use disinfectant cleaning products on exposed surfaces like these. No one wants to get sick from going to church so keeping the area sanitized is important. The church can help in this effort by installing hand sanitizer stations in the lobby, Sunday school classrooms, and restrooms.

Church staff who are environmentally conscious often prefer a vendor that uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions. These products effectively clean surfaces without harming the environment or worshippers. This may be especially important for churches that contain nursery school facilities, as many parents do not want their children exposed to harmful chemicals.

When the church and cleaning service work as a team, the place of worship benefits. The worshipping area is tidy and free of dirt, dust, and other debris. Bathrooms are sanitized and adequate paper towels, toilet paper, soap, and tissues are available at all times. Carpets are spotless, hard floors are shiny, and the entire church is germ-free. Some cleaning companies even handle outside tasks, picking up trash in the entry areas and on the grounds.

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