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How To Keep A Home Daycare Center Clean

Many urban and suburban areas contain several daycare facilities that cater to children from newborn age through the early school years. These centers often charge a high fee, causing many parents to look elsewhere for child care services. To meet this need, more home daycare providers pop up every day. These individuals care for children within their own homes and usually charge less to do so.

The most popular home daycare facilities tend to be the cleanest, not only from a visual perspective but also in terms of being sanitary. The area smells clean, providing parents with a positive impression each time they visit. Keeping a home daycare center clean is not difficult and pays off in terms of increased enrollment.

The area used for child care purposes should be cleaned and sanitized each day. Prepare a solution of one tablespoon bleach and one gallon warm water or buy disinfectant cleaning products. Use a cloth dipped in this liquid to wipe down each hard surface. Tables, door handles, counters, bathroom surfaces, and toy shelves should each be cleaned. Any toys that children put into their mouths should also be sanitized. Each week, hard surface toys that children use should be wiped.

Steam carpet cleaning should take place every three months or more often if needed. When outdoor air is warm, open windows to allow fresh air to circulate. When outside temperatures become too cool, use fresheners that sanitize the air. Nap time bedding like pillows, sheets, and sleeping bags should be washed weekly using soap and bleach. The diaper pail should be sanitized once a week using the appropriate cleaning products. Dirty diapers should be removed to the outside trash receptacle as soon as possible to prevent indoor odors.

Post-lunchtime cleanup is essential because you never know when prospective customers may pay a visit. Carpet cleaning following lunch removes food crumbs that can attract insects and germs. Disinfected surfaces prevent germs that may have been deposited during lunch from spreading to other areas of the facility.

Following these guidelines will keep the home day care clean from one day to the next. Any unexpected spills or stains such as paint should be cleaned as soon as they occur. Cleaning up a spot while it is still wet is usually a much easier task than attempting to clean the area after the stain has dried onto the carpet or another surface.

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