Guidelines For Cleaning Commercial Restrooms

Cleaning a residence is one thing- office cleaning is quite another. To start, the scale is magnified many times over. In addition, equipment, warehouses, and other aspects are present in commercial operations that are not featured in most homes. One area that is particularly important to address is the commercial bathroom, which may include multiple stalls.

Keeping commercial restrooms clean helps control the spread of germs. No one wants to get sick at work from using the lavatory. Commercial cleaning services must train their workers in the proper method of cleaning company restrooms so that the area remains sanitary. Believe it or not, there is a science to this process. When a cleaning service takes the time to properly educate its staff, this is reflected in sparkling, sanitary restroom.

During cleaning of the lavatory, workers do dry cleaning tasks before wet ones and clean from high to low locations. On a daily basis, they disinfect light switches, door knobs, handles, countertops, urinals, and toilets. They use separate cleaning rags or sponges for toilets and urinals so these areas will not contaminate the other surfaces in the restroom.

If there is standing water on the countertop or floor, it is removed. Floors are swept and mopped with a disinfectant solution on a regular basis. The bathroom cleaning equipment is not used in kitchen or office cleaning because germs can spread. Restroom garbage bags or can liners are replaced daily and the container is sanitized. All areas touched most by users, such as handles and door knobs, are disinfected.

Commercial cleaning services know that bacteria is usually the cause of a bad odor in the bathroom. When the area is odor-free, they know no bacteria is present. Preventative measures like using anti-bacterial cleaning products or room spray are often taken to keep the area germ-free until the cleaners return. Bathrooms are one of those places where the work is never done. However, it is better to keep a bathroom clean than allow it to get dirty and risk infection of office workers.

Prior to hiring a cleaning service, business customers should inquire about the bathroom cleaning process. Some companies use eco-friendly cleaners and cleaning equipment that are just as good at disinfecting as the traditional products. Clients who are well-informed and comfortable regarding the processes and products know they have made the best choice. What results is a long-term relationship with a professional cleaning service.

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