The Serious Importance Of A Clean Dryer Vent

Photo By puuikibeach (Flickr)
Photo By puuikibeach (Flickr)

A couple of years ago our dryer started acting up. It was a few years old and wasn’t drying our clothes properly. Every time the buzzer went off, I would open the door and reach my hands inside to be greeted with damp clothes. I would start the cycle for a second round and shrug it off. Unfortunately, it only got worse, and the length of time for the clothes to dry increased weekly. It wasn’t until I started looking online for a new dryer, that I remembered the dryer vent was well past due for a cleaning. After a little work, the vent was clean and lint-free. The next load of clothes dried quickly, and I saved myself more than the cost of a new dryer. Cleaning out the dryer vent can prevent fires and a costly electric bill.

Every year a devastating average of 2,900 fires occur in homes because of a dryer. One-third of these fires are caused by not cleaning out the dryer vent. It is scary to think that a devastating fire could be caused by something as simple as basic home maintenance. Every time you run your dryer for an extra cycle things steadily grower hotter and hotter. Soon that heat can ignite lint clogged in a hose and start a fire.

Fires are the scary truth to an unclean vent, but it is not the only reason your vent needs to be cleaned frequently. Every time your dryer runs longer than one cycle, you begin paying extra for each additional load. The dryer has to do double the work when air can’t properly flow through the vent. This amount of energy can be costly. If you find yourself running each load two or three times the normal length, you are going to have a large increase in your utility bill. It is simply not worth the money or headache. It is best to clean your vent before and after the winter season for the most efficient energy and safest results.

Read more about why you should keep your dryer vents clean, the best ways to clean them, and how often vents should be cleaned a year.

  • Spring Cleaning the Dryer Vent – This is a great thing to do every single spring to prevent your house from potential fires. This article has fantastic photos to help visually direct you through the cleaning steps.
  • Don’t Burn Down Your House: Preventing Clothes Dryer Fires – It is a scary thought to think that your house could burn down from something that you could easily prevent. Clean your dryer vent and decrease the odds of your house catching fire.
  • Preventing House Fires in the Laundry Room – Not only should you properly clean your dryer vent but you should scrub down your dryer lint trap also. Read how and why you need to do more than wipe off the lint.
  • How Vacuuming Can Save Energy and Lives – Lint can build up in a dryer vent and make it difficult for clothes to dry. Once the dryer gets too hot it can cause the lint to catch fire.
  • How Often You Should Clean a Dryer Vent – This is the magic question and it really depends on the family. Cleaning it at least once a year is safe, but whenever the dryer needs to be run more than once is a red flag that it needs cleaned again.
  • Why You Should Clean Your Dryer Vent Hose – When lint blocks your dryer vent hose, your dryer has to work harder to get the clothes dry. This means you are going to be paying a higher utility bill for the increase in energy.
  • Cleaning the Dryer Vent – This is a great article covering why your dryer vent needs cleaning, how to do it, and how often you need to clean it.
  • Flammable Fuzz – Don’t let the lint inside your dryer hose built up to risky levels. Once the dryer runs for several hours it can get hot enough to ignite the lint inside the vent and start a deadly fire.

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