Cleaning Services Versus Self-Cleaning

Limited finances have forced many of us to reduce our expenses. When reviewing our personal budgets, we often cut the so-called “luxury” expenses first. This includes money allocated for massages, vacations, and spa treatments. Cleaning services also often end up on this list. In the interest of saving money, many people opt to do their own residential cleaning rather than continue to use a professional. A more thorough review may illustrate that this is not necessary.

Though a cost is paid to use a cleaning company, it is not very high, all things considered. In exchange for a fee, the company cleans the home from top to bottom, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping floors. When residents perform these chores, they do not charge for their services. However, they do have to pay for the cleaning products and supplies used in the process.

Costs to clean a home yourself increase when eco-friendly cleaning products are used. Many cleaning companies now use these products by default and do not charge consumers extra money for doing so. In addition, the resident does not need to find storage space for these items or the cleaning equipment. Cleaning companies bring everything with them when they arrive and take it when they finish their job.

Speaking of equipment, have you seen the cost of vacuums and carpet cleaners lately? The price tags are climbing due to the huge amount of technology involved in these machines. It would set a person back quite a bit to own all the equipment used by a professional cleaning company. Not to mention ownership costs like replacement filters and cleaning solution as well as the cost to repair a broken unit.

For many people, time comes with an associated cost. They have little time to spare, which makes every moment precious. The time they spend cleaning the house often takes away from another responsibility. After considering this, some people find the cost of cleaning services to be justified. While the professionals clean the home, the resident is free to work in the yard, do repairs or improvement, or spend quality time with family.

Rather than immediately eliminating a cleaning service when revising the home budget, stop to consider things. After some thorough review, it may become clear that the cost is minimal and well worth it. In some cases, simply reducing the frequency of professional cleaning can make a noticeable positive impact on the budget.

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