Free English Classes In Manhattan!!!

English: Free English Classes In Manhattan

A Busy Bee employee attended an event geared towards helping charity looking for volunteer workers. She found out about two great organizations that could possibly aid some of you or someone you know. Better yet maybe even spend some of your free time

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there. These volunteering opportunities are great for some of your kids that maybe have the summer off and need some volunteering hours for their college applications or to fulfill a high school requirement.

First we have the Literacy Partners, a group that targets adults who cannot read English or would like to improve their English. Many of their students working New Yorkers who can want to learn to speak and read better to help in them in their everyday job. They

tackle this by educating their students on financial literacy (learning how to red bank documents), health literacy (how to understand the papers your doctors give you) and job preparation (how to write a resume, communicate in an interview).

There is also a FREE Pre-GED and GED program that will prepare you to take this high school equivalency exam. A GED is the minimum requirement for many jobs here in NYC. They also offer an ESOL program that is specifically targeted to students who speak English as a second language. “Students are taught speaking, listening, writing, readin

g and grammatical structures in the English language.” The best part? Classes are offered during the day and after regular work hours.



Spanish: Clases de Ingles GRATIS en Manhattan

Una empleada de Busy Bee fue a un evento para ayudar a organizaciones sin fines de lucro que estaban buscando a voluntarios para los programas de ellos. Voy hablar un poco de una de las organizaciones que ofrece clases de Ingles por gratis.

Literacy Partners es una organizacion que busca terminar el analfabetismo en los adultos de Nueva York. Muchos de los estudiantes que han asistido las clases trabajan aqui en Manhattan. El programa se enfoca en enseñarle a los estudiantes como leer documentos financieros (por ejemplo documentos bancarios o como llenar un cheque en Ingles), tambien enseñan como leer documentos de salud ( los papeles que les entrega el do

ctor) y tambien ayudan con aplicaciones de trabajo y enseñan com usted se puede comunicar en Ingles (por ejemplo en entrevistas de trabajo o en llenar documentos de empleo).

El programa tiene cursos para personas que hablan Ingles como su segundo idioma. Tienen cursos GRATIS de GED. El GED es un certificado equivalente a un diploma de escuela secundaria aqui en los Estados Unidos.El GED es el certificado minimo aceptado por empleadores aqui en los Estados Unidos. Teniendo este certificado puede abrir muchas puertas de oportunidad para usted.

Clases estan disponibles en el dia y por la tarde. A la derecha esta toda la informacion de contacto para la organizacion.


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